A Pre-Christmas Facial Treat with ELEMIS Treatments


Before ELEMIS facial treatments – with makeup on

I take my skincare routine seriously and give myself a mini facial at home every now and then but its always nice to be treated and pamperred and get a real facial by a professional. ELEMIS contacted me for a pre-Christmassy facial treat at their John Lewis store on Oxford Street last week. I had no idea what treatments were involved as I didn’t do any research beforehand. I just turned up, all excited for my first proper facial.


I was offered a glass of champagne upon arrival but I did the sensible thing and politely declined the fancy gesture as;

A) It was around noon time and I hadn’t eaten anything yet.

B) I had a long drive later that day.


So I went for a chilled cucumber infused water. How refreshing!



After the warm welcome, I was then intrdocued to my facialist Anna, she sat me down and talked me through the whole process by asking about my skincare routine and what treatments I do weekly such as; how often do I exfoliate, skin type and issues. She took a side picture on the ELEMIS facial mapping camera of my face to analyse and determine what treatments would suit me best. Parts of my face were magnified to look for signs of ageing, sun damage, examine my pores and the texture of my skin. I was surprised to find underneath all that oiliness, not only is my skin dehydrated but also sensitive too. It was good to know there were no major concern or issues regarding sun damage as my daily use of SPF had helped tremendously when it comes to protecting skin from harsh sun rays which then causes damage to the skin. I was also relieved to know all the hardwork I’m putting into my skincare routine is not in vain.



After that we took a look at the facial menu and selected four treatments from the ELE-vators: for bespoke skin solutions. I was pleasantly surprised at the prices too. Priced at £10 each, you pick and choose what you want done. This makes things quite affordable.


We selected Resurface, Renew and Reveal, followed up by the All The Greens Mask, [ Blue ] LED Light Therapy and Oxygen Infusion.


I always thought ELEMIS being a luxury brand meant prices will be going through the roof. I had no idea there was an affordable option and only takes 30mins available in most John Lewis department stores. Spa while you shop, yes please!!!







First step was to remove all the makeup and prep up the skin for the first treatment which was to resurface, renew and reveal. The process was like scraping the layer of my skin, almost like exfoliation. It was painless although it may sound a little scary. This helps refine and even out the skin tone by using an ultrasonic peel, massage and light therapy resulting in the smoothest skin. After this, an eye mask was applied along with a facial mask to boost hydration. To ensure my skin gets all that hydration, a biotec roller ball was used to massage the skin to help absorb all the nutrients into the skin. The last step was the Oxygen infusion along with the light therapy to encourage cellular restoration, perfect balance and structural strength.

My skin was also treated to some of ELEMIS best selling products like their cleansers and toners in between treatments [ where necessary ] which felt and smelt absolutely divine.


the Aftermath


After ELEMIS facial Treatments – No Makeup

Tadaa…. I felt and looked like 21 again. My skin felt super glowy and radiant, under eye area looks hydrated and plumed , skin looked even out,  smoother and bouncier than a baby’s butt…lol. I couldn’t stop touching my face. Even after a few days, my skin still looked radiant, felt soft, pores diminished and oil control completely balanced.



Would I recommend this? Totally, I’ve already recommended it to one of my followers who responded to my stories on Instagram. I also know of a few ladies in my life who would appreciate this pamper session as either a Christmas gift or even after Christmas to take off all that stress and get ready for the New Year or the perfect Birthday Treat. I mean at these prices, why not? Especially as you can pick and choose. You can have one treatment for just £10 or add on other treatments. No need to book the whole day off either, I like that you can pop in during your lunch break for a facial if time is not on your side. The whole process was very relaxing and the facialisst talked me through every step before each treatment was applied and what the products were for. The face mapping analysis was major help too. You’ll get to know your skin a little better and be more aware of the products or how to even care for your skin after the facial to maintain the glow. I have reduced the intake of Acids exfoliation and have noticed the change in my skin with sensitivity and dryness which results in balanced oil control. Win!


Thanks to the ELEMIS team and the ladies at John Lewis for treating myself and my skin. I absolutely loved it and I’m sure you’ll be seeing me again very soon.


Happy Holidays 🙂


Verse of The Day:-

9 God showed how much he loved us by sending his one and only Son into the world so that we might have eternal life through him.

– 1 John 4:9 NLT


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