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Best of World Duty Free: The Benefit First Class Faves Travel Set #JetSetBeauty


This month’s Best of World Duty Free post is sponsored by World Duty Free themselves who were kind enough to send me this Benefit First-Class Faves Travel Set** to review and create a makeup look to share with you.



So the set contains 6 best selling products from Benefit Cosmetics. I’ve only ever tried two items from Benefit Cosmetics [ massive fan their  mascaras ] so I was a bit skeptical and unsure what exactly I could do with this set looking at some of the shades. I had come across this set before in the store whilst looking for my monthly ‘hot product’ to test and shook my head at this . I’m glad I got sent this to put to the test because I have now found 3 new fave products from them that I’ll be picking up the full size soon.


Here’s a run down of each individual product and why they made it to the first class list.



The Total Moisture Facial Cream. This is a nice light-weight moisturiser that provides hydration for the skin. It goes on very smoothly, creating a nice base for makeup. It leaves a nice sheen finish behind which is not great news for us oily skins so get your mattifying primer ready or reach for a powder to get rid of the shine. It will benefit those with dry to normal skin who looking for a dewy base. The texture is similar to a gel but  is still rich enough to hydrate and absorbs into the skin easily. It’s a shame a product offers no oil control properties but I don’t mind throwing this in my overnight kit bag to use on the go. SPF is highly recommended of top of this as this moisturiser contains none.



The POREfessional Primer. This is by far my favourite and most used product out of this set. I loooove this primer. It goes on silky smooth, blurring and hiding my pores without clogging them. I can truly say bye-bye pores with is on. This is silicone based primer so it leaves no shiny residue behind [ hoorah ] is and non-drying and feels very soft. I learned a trick from Youtuber Jackie Aina who always sets her primer  with translucent powder before foundation. I tried this trick with this primer [ although its not necessary ] but the results were amazing. The powder clings to the primer creating a very smooth base which takes me and my foundation on an epic journey to flawlessness. The colour of this primer is brown but goes on translucent on any skin tone and gives no flashback. I can’t imagine to doing my base without this primer and don’t know why I slept on this for so long.



The Dandelion Brightening Face Powder. This was the one I was so skeptical about. I mean I had no idea how I was going to use this by just looking at the colour. I was so sure it wouldn’t suit my skin tone but I had to find ways to make it work. This is a multi purpose shimmering [ very light ] powder that I’ve been using as an eye shadow, blusher and powder. It’s supposed to help brighten your face by giving you a subtle radiance, providing a hint of shimmer, and you can build it up to your preference. On my dark skin tone, I have to use a lot if I want to wear this on its own for it to show up. The best way for me is to use on top of my blusher to provide a subtle and natural looking highlight on my cheekbones. It works beautifully with the liquid version. I also use to this sweep off the translucent powder used for baking and setting my concealer. It does a great job at brightening the under eye area and removing any whiteness from the translucent powder may have left behind. A new found favourite.



The Dandelion Dew Liquid Blush. Not a massive fan of liquid blushes as they don’t last long on my cheeks but this proved me wrong. The bright pink shade is my not my perfect match but I made it work. The dandelion powder on top of this helps tones the colour down but still allows this to give off a dewy finish. This combo keeps everything lockdown and I can actually see my blusher at the end of the day. This will look fabulous and natural on those with lighter skin tones. A darker shade of pink would be ideal for my skin tone.



The Roller Lash Mascara. An old favourite of my mine and I’m glad to have t back in my life. This mascara lengthens and lifts my lashes, opening up my eyes and keeps the curl in place all day. It creates long natural looking lashes without clumping and leaves them separated. The slim rubber wand with small bristles makes it easy to reach those tiny corner lashes. I love that natural look it gives but can also add more coats if a little drama is required. Just make sure you go heavy on the eye makeup remover if you opt for the latter.




The Mango Cha Cha Lip and Cheek Tint. A great makeup product to have in your spring/summer collection. I like the orange tint this gives on the lips and cheeks. It goes on a peach at first but then dries to an orange tone. I use two coats on the lips, dap lightly with my fingers to blend in to create an even shade on the lips before applying some lip oil for sheen and glossy lips. It’s totally safe and comfortable on its own, doesn’t leave the lips dry and flaky and last through the day too. It leaves a beautiful colourful, perfect shade for spring and summer, which will look beautiful against sun-kissed and tanned skin and on any skin tone.


Here’s the look  created with this set. I also have a video posted below showing how I used this products along with my normal everyday makeup products.



The Benefit First-Class Faves set retails for £21.50 and is exclusive to World Duty Free stores only. This comes with some amazing products and there’s something for everyone and a nice way to test out some of these hyped products before committing to the full size products. My favourites are PoreFessional Primer, Roller Lash Mascara, The Brightening Face Powder and Cha Cha Mango Lip & Cheek Tint.



What’s your favourite Benefit Product?


*Thanks to World Duty Free for partnering with me on this post*.

Disclaimer: **Not a paid sponsorship. Item was sent in exchange for a review. All opinions are my own**. 


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