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Getting Things Done Planner by Career Girl Daily


Career Girl Daily Getting Things Done Planner


My  [ New Year, New Me ] new Planner is here. The stationery geek in me is excited to open and start planning and organise my life away in this pretty pink leather bound planner by the team at Career Girl Daily blog. I ordered mine during the pre-order phase back in November 2017 and have been looking forward to the New Year to start filling in although I really didn’t need to wait. It comes with no prefix dates so one can start planning their life the very moment they get their hands on it. I thought I’d share this post and the love for my new planner while its still pretty looking before I start scribbling all over it and get it messy.



I chose this over the traditional planner as this give me more room to personalise my day to day activities as the day unfolds.  I particularly like the ‘no-dates’ on each page so I don’t feel bad if I skip a day. There’s no need to waste space when all there is on the agenda is to take a nap ..LOL [ my favourite sport 😉 ]. There is also a section for ‘Quotes of the Day’ to fill in with your won quotes to help stay motivated and hit any goals you’ve set for yourself. I use this mostly for my bible Verse of The Day [ see below post for today’s ] or write down a Prayer Point or something specific I need to focus on or get better at.


Career Girl Daily Getting Things Done Planner

Getting Things Done Planner Career Girl Daily

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There’s a two-page spread for each day. I like the amount of space you get to fill in and write all your to do lists and still have room for notes on the left page. Some days I require more room to jot down my thoughts/ideas down than my To-Do list and vice versa.  In the past, I’ve had to carry a spare note pad with me for notes or use the Notes App on the phone when on the go.  You may know how the creative mind works. I like to have everything in one place so this feature in this planner is a major key for me. The right hand page is reserved for keeping track on meals, water in take, exercise, shopping lists and expenses.


Getting Things Done Planner Career Girl Daily


How do you stay organised?


Getting Things Done planner available to purchase HERE for£35.00



Verse of The Day:

11 But let all who take refuge in you rejoice; let them sing joyful praises forever. Spread your protection over them, that all who love your name will be filled with joy.

– Psalms 5:11 NLT

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