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Product Review: Lush R&B Revive and Balance Hair Moisturiser – Natural Hair





Did you know that the Lush R&B Revive and Balance Hair Moisturiser was formulated for people with afro or very curly hair? Nope. Me neither. I had no idea Lush even sold products for us folks with dry, thick and curly hair. Finding this out made me very happy as those days of me walking into the store and coming back empty handed are now over. I go in to smell all the lovely and freshly made bath bombs, wishing I had a bath tub. ah well, all is not lost.


I was recommended to try this moisturiser by a fellow naturalista who was re-twisting her hair with this. I was sold when she mentioned its packed with avocado and some other natural oils. I picked up a tub at the store the very next day.



I was also intrigued to find another product made for kinky hair. I shall be trying the ROOTS Hair Treatment very soon but for now, let’s get back to reviewing the R&B.


There’s a little bit of a background story to this moisturiser actually. It is said that it was formulated by a former lush employee, a woman of colour who saw a gap in the market for people with coarse hair. Lush liked the idea and helped the employee develop and put the formula together to create R&B. This hair moisturiser is blended with oils and butters to help clam the scalp and moisturise dry hair.  It has 26 ingredients; containing Oat Milk– to soothe and calm the scalp, Avocado Butter– to nourish and hydrate, Orange Flower Absolute– Intensely floral and uplifting and Extra Virgin Coconut Oil to soften and moisturise.




The first you’d notice about this product other than its yellow colour of is the smell [ Wouldn’t it be cool if you could smell this through your screen?]. It’s very strong and heady, thanks to the Bay and Orange Flower extracts. You’re either going to like love or hate it. I like it. It smells like oranges -similar to or a heavy powdery based perfume scent. Not the likes of Chanel no5 but it reminds me of it. The scent doesn’t linger on for too long as it’s intermittent throughout the day and I quite like that. you almost forget its there and then it comes back to awake your senses.



The texture of it is quite creamy but soft and oily and not greasy at all. It can be a bit heavy depending on the thickness of you hair so you sparingly if you have thin hair and don’t use everyday to prevent build up. It sinks nicely into the hair and moisturises very well. I use on it on damp hair after shampoo and conditioner to twist my hair and leave it in a protective style. I’ve just finished filming a hair wash day routine video so you’ll get to see what I’m referring to here.




I also use it sometime on dry hair as a daily moisturiser and around my edges to keep it under control. I have been using these well over two months and have nothing negative to say about this. It is however a little pricey for that amount you’d get. That was a shock to me but I was so eager to try it so I shrugged it off. Thankfully, we are getting along just fine.


Also, just to point out, this is not just for afro or curly hair only, it can be used on all hair types even to groom your beard. I just wouldn’t use as much as it very thick cream and oily. You can check lush’s website for more info or visit one of their stores. and whilst you’re there, I would strongly advise you to get a whiff of the scent first to determine if you’d like it or not.


 Lush R&B Revive and Balance Hair Moisturiser

£11.95 for 100g or £20.95 for 225g


What’s your favourite hair moisturiser?


** Thank you Binta for the reccomdation. I love this. **


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