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Chanel LE VERNIS Longwear Nail Polish 546 ROUGE RED Review | Is It Worth The £20 Price Tag?



Would you have known the polish I’m wearing in the picture above is by Chanel if you hadn’t read the title? Let me guess? You said no. It’s not like Chanel released their own signature red like Louboutin did with their nail polishes that could be spotted by a mile off so why does this one come with a £20 price tag? What’s so special about this? I took upon myself to put to this to the test to see if they’re truly worth the hefty price tag as we often associate luxury products with quality, but that’s often not the case or is it with this particular one? I usually buy nail polishes based on the colour and not necessary by the brand so let’s see if this one lives up to its claims and will exceed my expectations. It claims to be a longwear, protective nail polish with lasting shine designed to make vibrant colours dazzle. It does attract attention from friends and colleagues whenever worn but I do have to mention its Chanel mostly just to get their reaction but instead I’m always met with the question: “Is it worth the price?”  Let’s find out.



I chose the colour Rouge Red 546 which is true red colour with no blue or orange undertones. Its just plain red, suitable for all skin tones. [ Live swatch here ] .What I didn’t realise was, this was part of their spring 2018 collection and now made permanent. New colours and shades with different undertones are released every season so heads up when purchasing. Do a little research prior as the one you’re after might not be available anymore or might have been a limited edition collection. You can check out their latest release of polishes here.



It comes in its usual square shaped glass bottle with 13ml of product. It comes with a square cap and underneath is a screw cap with the brush attached. Although the brush seems to be on the thinner side, it still fans out to cover an entire nail in just one move. Quick application without the streakiness, bubbling or dragging. I was expecting a much thicker or creamier consistency but this is slightly sheer but buildable to an opaque and even finish with just two coats. I  was happy to put to use the large square cap as it doubled as my balancer and kept hands and fingers steady for a precise application. This is great when you have wobbly hands or short on time.



The polish is described as long wear, extra-fine, ultra-shiny. With each coat offering an even and lacquered results. Each time I’ve applied this, the application process is smooth and fool-proof. In terms of longevity, I think this depends on your Base and Top Coat. The first couple of weeks, I wore this with my Sally Hansen Strong as Nails strengthener as my base coat and after 5 days, the nail polish would just slide/peel off my nail as if I was wearing glue on nails. I mean it didn’t chip or crack. The whole thing just came off leaving my nail bare and polish free. At first I found it very odd but was delighted when it came to removing the polish. Who needs a remover and your nail polish can peel off on its own? LOL



I tried with a new base coat [ OPI 3-in-1 ] last week to review for this post and you’ll be glad to know I still have colour on all ten fingernails.  These pictures were all taken on day 6 [ yesterday ] and its day 7 and counting as I type up this post and there are no signs of peeling or chipping in sight. Hurrah . The only thing noticeable are some lifting on the edge of the nail which is always expected. See last picture below to see how long they lasted before chipping or wearing off.



I have worn this polish on its own with no help of either a base or top coat just for experimenting purposes. It lasted only about 3 days. It lost shine after 2 days and started to chip around the edges and fade off. By day 4,  I had to remove and reapply. I haven’t really cared about the quality of a nail polish since I started using Seche Vite Top Coat. It works wonders with any brand or quality and prolongs wear, chip free and keeps nails looking super glossy for over a week. Best part is, its costs less than £10. This means I can continue to buy drugstore nail polishes and still get better if not same results than a premium brand polish.





Let me be honest here. It’s fancy. It’s bougie. It’s expensive. It’s Chanel. You are paying for the experience here. I don’t feel any special wearing a Chanel polish than I do when I wear my £3 Essence Gel Polish. For the price tag, I’m happy to stick to my lower end or mid range brand with the likes of OPI, Nails Inc and Essie. I can buy 2-3 bottles for the price of one Chanel polish [ haha the cheapskate in me is seeing sense ]. However, the application process with Chanel was a breeze and effortless but I still don’t think its worth the price tag. Another pro point was, the Chanel polish didn’t stain my nails like some dark colours do after removal. Also, if you’re someone who paints your nails multiple times during the week, I don’t think its worth it or you’re getting the most of it but with someone like me, who paints once a week, the longer the wear, the better, this can turn out to be an investment as the bottle will last me ages. It would be interesting to see if its gets gloopy as times goes on. As for longevity, it really depends on your Base and Top Coat – this is where I will invest in a quality or premium product. The cheap ones will make or break your manicure. Literally! The overall health of your nails matter too. Do make sure all ridges are filled and nails are completely smooth before application. All of this will add to the performance and prove better results, not just with a premium brand polish but with any brand.



I don’t hate it but I’ll certainly think twice before handing my coins over for another bottle of polish any time soon. Better yet, I’ll look out for the sales to grab one.  Not from Chanel itself though as Chanel NEVER does sale, but from other department stores.


*** UPDATE 15 JAN 2018 – 13 DAYS ***


Chanel polish 13days


Here’s how my nails are looking 13 days in. Ring finger and Thumb chipped around day 9 but the rest are still in tact and could do with a coat of gloss to bring up the shine. None of them peeled off so my guess is that was down to the other nail strengthener. I do believe they lasted this long with the help of a good base and top coat.


On an average, how much would you spend on a bottle of nail polish and what’s your favourite nail polish brand?



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