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Favourite Purchase of 2017: Kurt Geiger Simone Heels



Allow me to share my favourite purchase of 2017 with you whilst were are on the subject of shoes. If you watched my 2017 Favourites video, you’d have already spotted these heels as I made a quick mention of it as my favourite purchase of 2017. Of course it had to be shoes, what else?


Sometime in 2016 or early 2017, I can’t quite remember the exact time. I spotted these Kurt Geiger Simone heels in Selfridges during a browsing session and I was a little heartbroken [ ok, a lot ] as they were retailed at the time for a whopping £269.  As much as I wanted these, there was no way in my right mind I was willing to spend that kinda of money on heels. I mentioned it to a friend later who advised never to buy KG heels on full price as they have amazing sales throughout the year and so I waited, and waited and waited.


They finally came on sale in the summer but guess who missed memo and the sales? I didn’t become aware until everything was completely sold out. I did cry a little but knowing me, I decided not to give up and hunt for these down nationwide. I phoned some stores and stalked the website for an entire 3 weeks until it came back I stock in my size.




So what’s so special about these heels that made me stalk them for this long? Well… if you must know, It’s like three trends in one. You have the glitter on the toes and heels, and the polka dot mesh and then wait for it, the huge mesh bow. What’s not love about these shoes? This is the equivalent of an LBD [ Little Black Dress ]… goes with everything and perfect for every occasion and outfit. Best part of this, it was mine for £70..yup, must have been a return or the last ever pair so it was further reduced….. oh I do love me a bargain!




Now tell me if that isn’t the best bargain or perhaps, you scored a better one? Let me know in the comment box below.


Sorry ladies, I bought the last pair but here’s a similar one I was eyeing up and case I failed my mission. I’ve tried these on and they do come up big so go for a smaller size. They’re currently on sale for £49.



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– Romans 4:7 NLT


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