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Chanel Rouge Coco Ultra Hydrating Lip Colour – 416 COCO


When I wrote in my first Chanel lipstick review that I needed more Chanel lipsticks, I had no idea that it was going to sooner than later. Debenhams had a 25% OFF Beauty & Makeup promo last week and guess who took advantage of that and bagged their second Chanel lipstick?



I chose the shade 416 – COCO in their ultra hydrating formula. I was spoilt for choice when it came to picking out one colour out of 24 shades; the names were inspired by the close friends of madam Chanel herself. I like the name and sound of COCO which came with an Orange tone and actually realised I don’t own many orange lipsticks. This shade is the perfect orange that I was after but didn’t know. Its bright orange in the tube but gives a softer toned down orange on the lips. More like an orange with coral undertone leaning towards the warmer side. Perfect for all occasions and seasons.


Chanel rouge coco lipstick 416 coco swatch dark skin yaalia


I had high hopes for this formula from Chanel and it didn’t disappoint. It applies like a dream on the lips. It has that melt away balmy texture and the colour payoff is incredible. Easy to build on to an opaque finish or have it sheer depending on your preference. It can be easily applied without a mirror or a lip liner, I wouldn’t say so for the darker colours though. It feels soft and hydrating on the lips thanks to it being formulated with 3 vegetable waxes- mimosa, jojoba and sunflower. Exfoliating  your lips is highly recommended for a smooth application due to the light texture of this lipstick. This will highlight and settle into dry lines and chapped lips. The staying power is good too. Not as long lasting as the Rouge Allure formulas. This formula combines a new polymer film and silicon micro beads to encourage long wear and boost shine. I’d say its lasts upto 3 hours max and you’ll start to loose the sheen and need a quick swipe for a pick me up.



Now onto the packaging. I thought all CHANEL lipsticks came with the standard case designed with a gold rim and bullet with black outer casing and a separate lid cap. See my first post for the other design. I mean you get similar design with every other lipstick brand but since its Chanel and you’re paying a £28  [full price], it has to be fancy and bougie. It looks very sleek and chic but prone to fingerprints. It feels very sturdy and slightly heavier than your average lipsticks, I like the black and gold too which has luxury written all over it sealed with their famous black and white cc logo embossed on the cap and also Chanel printed on the actual lipstick.




So it this bougie lipstick worth the price tag? Yes and No. It depends if you like luxury items. I’m sure you’ll be able to find a dupe at the drug-store.  It’s a bit like flying, once you fly business class, you wouldn’t want to go back to economy/coach class even though the length of your flying time and destination doesn’t change. I’d recommend it if you have the budget for it. Its nice and who doesn’t like nice things?


PS: If you buy directly from with £6 delivery charge and you get the Chanel keepsake box and three samples of your choice.


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