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Fenty Beauty STUNNA Lip Paint UNCENSORED In Review | Could This Be The Perfect Liquid Lipstick?


I love wearing bright and bold lipsticks. Red lipsticks in particular [ my absolute fave ]  and I’m known for it. I have about 10 reds in my collection with different formulas and finishes. Mostly mattes due to their ease of wear [ no bleeding or messiness ] and their staying power [ less touch ups required ] so I loved the idea and the technology behind Liquid Lipsticks [ matte, longwearing and transfer proof … hurrah ]  but sadly, the ones I tried didn’t leave a lasting impression on me but rather stains that needed more elbow grease and a whole jar of cleanser to remove. They also made my lips even drier and flaky and accentuated my dry lines[ LL’s are notoriously known for this ] and will also crumble and feather on the lips during touch ups which was never a good look for anyone. Since then, I’ve been given Liquid Lipsticks the side eye until Fenty Beauty released their version called the STUNNA Lip Paint in the shade UnscensoRED – get it? and ya girl just had to give it a go.


Could this be my ‘perfect’  liquid lipstick? Here are my thoughts.



This is described as a weightless, 12hr liquid lipstick with a soft matte finish – created in a universal red shade that is suitable for all skin tones. The packaging reminds me of Louboutin’s nail polish.  It’s a prism glass bottle with a lip defining wand for a precise application.



I was truly STUNNED the very first time I applied this. First, I was shocked at how pigmented this formula was and secondly, all I needed was just one coat for full lips. I didn’t have to go back for more product to get an opaque and even finish.  I also didn’t need a lip liner but the process will require some patience to get a precise and defined lips. The unrivalled wand kind of makes it easier to apply. The formula feels very light on the lips and dries to a soft matte finish so it doesn’t fully dry and therefore will transfer. This doesn’t bother me at all as it means my lips are somehow still conditioned underneath all that pigment. This also makes it easier to remove and leaves no stain on the lips. In terms of longevity, I’m yet to wear this for a whole 12hrs however, I still find this long wearing for however long it stays on until I need to eat or drink. After this , a light touch up is usually needed and there’s no feathering upon touch ups. There’s a slight sheen on the lips when its freshly applied, this does fade away but a little lip balm will bring it back without altering the formula or thinning down the pigment.


















fenty stunna lip paint uncensored

fenty stunna lip paint uncensored


Compared with the other liquid lipsticks I’ve tried, this is by far my favourite and the best one. I like that’s its not too drying but packed with pigment and the fact that a little goes a long way. The packaging looks pretty on my dresser but its not practical carrying this around, I find it a bit bulky but then again, I only need to apply once so best leave it on the dresser and bring a lip balm along and not eat or drink, or better yet, carry a bigger makeup bag. Problem solved! I’ve worn this multiple times now [ since November ] so I’m getting better with the application which means less time but precise and defined lips every time. I also made a first impressions video [ seebelow ] on my Youtube channel. You can watch it for live swatches. I’d pick the Fenty Mattemoiselle Ma’Damn [ review here ]  over this if I were to choose one but as far as liquid lipsticks go, this one is a winner for me. Retails for £19 at Harvey Nichols and $26 in Sephora for 4ml of content.






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