DECIEM The Ordinary Lactic Acid 5% + HA 2% Review & Skincare Update

Deciem The Ordinary Skincare Lactic Acid Review


It’s been 4 whole months since I jumped on the Deciem The Ordinary brand and started incorporating six of products into my routine. See this haul post for a quick recap on which their products I picked. After using them religiously and trying different regimes, I started to see results and want to dive into these products individually and give you a full review starting with the one that I was least excited about but turned out to be my favourite;-


The Lactic Acid 5% + 2% HA


Deciem The Ordinary Skincare Lactic Acid Review


In short [copied from previous post]: This is a mild 5% Lactic Acid with Alpha Hydroxy Acid [ AHA ] which is a chemical exfoliant. It’s purified with Tasmanian Pepperberry known to reduce signs of inflammation and sensitivity associated with exfoliation. It helps remove the glue from the upper layer that holds onto the old dead skin cells. Once removed, the AHA serves to help renew the skin which will result in reducing wrinkles, smoothing the skin, evens out skin tones and hyperpigmentation to reveal smooth and clear skin. It is to be used once a day, ideally in the evening and SPF must be worn and sun exposure limited for a week and afterwards.



This was the one product was afraid to use at first. As if the words ‘peeling formulation’ on an acid bottle wouldn’t scare anyone in the slightest  especially if you are a skincare newbie. I plucked up the courage and gave this product a try. Taking small baby steps of course by using this just once a week. The first night I used this [this product is highly reserved for night time use only], I dreamt of waking up to my skin covered in large bumps from purging, dry and flaky skin  and excessive peeling which I had to literally  peel off to reveal a new layer of smooth skin. Well that was how I imagined this product to work but thankfully, as dramatic and horrifying as it sounds, the results were far off from my nightmare and turned out to be completely harmless for me. Using this weekly did not prove any given results but I was relieved to discover this solution is a rather mild and gentle chemical alternative as to me using a face scrub filled with tiny beads to exfoliate my skin and get rid of blackheads and unclog pores. Basically, the laziest easiest of way exfoliating the skin which requires requires no scrubbing which won’t leave your face red after use but might sting just a little bit depending on the cleanser used prior, smells a bit plasticky and most important of all,  doesn’t physically peel your skin.




I mean I don’t understand why I was afraid to use this as Lactic Acids can be found in milk and sugars where its derived from. It stops growth of bacteria , gently exfoliates the skin and prevents pigmentation. The Tasmanian Pepperberry is there as its an antioxidant agent, anti-inflammatory and anti-acne and has skin healing properties. It supports Vitamin C and collagen production so its sounds like to a great skincare product to help target my dark spots and pigmentation issues and brighten up  skin- and it did exactly done for me.


Deciem The Ordinary Skincare Lactic Acid Review


Once I got to know my skin could tolerate the 5% lactic acid dosage – the lowest without any side effects [ the slight stinging stopped], I stepped up and started to use this two -three times a week [ alternative days ] and this was when I started to notice the difference on my skin. I’d skipped the toner and go straight in with a few drops of this ,  rubbed all over my skin until its absorbed and went to bed. I don’t use anything when using this product i.e. no face creams, oils or serums. However, it is advised you can use other products to help reduce the dosage if your skin is not tolerant. With this new routine, my skin felt super soft and smooth on application. My skin didn’t feel tight or dry in the morning but i’d wake up with radiant skin. The big change for me was realising this helped fade my dark spots and hyper pigmentation faster than any of the other products formulated for this issue.  Amazing.





My skin looks so much clearer with little to no dark spots, overall skin looks even toned even the boyfriend has noticed the change in my skin tone. I even considered at some point, buying the 10% dosage but I guess I won’t be needing that soon.





The Ordinary Lactic Acid, £5.50



Have you tried this before? Did you see any results?



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