DECIEM The Ordinary Niacinamide 10% + Zinc 1% Review & Skin Care Update

Deciem The Ordinary Skincare Niacinamide Review


The Ordinary Niacinamide Serum is my third favourite [ see one and two here ] product in the line. Niacinamide- also known as Vitamin B3 is a water soluble vitamin and part of the Vitamin B group. It’s an all round great ingredient which is good for your skin as well as some vital parts of the human body such as the heart and brain. It can be mostly found in foodstuff such as milk and fish. Using Niancinamide as part of your everyday skincare routine can prove great results especially if you suffer from acne and rosacea. It can also help improve the overall health of your skin.


I didn’t notice a difference in skin when using this but I continued to use it everyday till I got half way through the bottle and decided to stop using it. After a few days, I noticed spots appearing on my cheeks [ the oiliest part on my face and prone to spots], my pores reappeared large and the texture of my skin felt rough and not even or smooth. Of course I didn’t understand the reason and the sudden change in skin texture.  I took advantage of my spot free skin and the refined texture for granted and as I had no idea that my good-skin-days were down to the daily use of Niacinamide.


Deciem The Ordinary Skincare Niacinamide Review


I decided to give this product a go again and after a couple of days of use, the spots disappeared as if by magic, my pores looked refined too after every application. I then paid close attention to this product and put it to the test gain. On days I didn’t use this, there was a change in skin texture for that period. Continued use paved way for many good skin days ahead with less oil production, heck make that weeks except for the odd spot that always came to visit with mother nature but disappeared after a couple days.


This serum is slow to prove results but give it a chance and with daily use, you will enjoy acne free skin days, less oil production and the appearance of youthful skin.


This is now a staple in my routine and will be buying again and again. I use this mostly in the mornings but can be used at anytime and can fit into any skin care routine with any skin type.


The Ordinary Niacinamide 10% + Zinc 1 %  | £5.00 

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