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It’s always exciting when the postman wakes you up for another blogger mail package. This one was from World Duty Free who sent me the Dermalogica Essentials Travel Kit** to review for my Best of Duty Free series. This kit includes a travel sized Shampoo, Conditioner, Body wash and body lotion. At first I got excited as I’ve never tried anything from Dermalogica before but then it dawned on me I might not be able to try out the products due to my dry skin condition ( dermatitis ) and therefore can only use medicated or specially formulated products. I was a little sad to add this kit to the ‘giveaway’ pile but decided to give it a quick sniff [ am I even a beauty blogger if I don’t smell it first? ]. I was very surprised and quite taken aback to discover they smelt very natural and botanical. I never thought Dermalogica products were formulated with natural active ingredients. I was also glad to know these products contained no artificial fragrances, colours or paraben and no sulphates [ shampoo ].  My skin can’t tolerate any of these ingredients. After scanning through the rest of the ingredients list, my upside down smile from earlier disappoint returned to its original position in approval that my skin might approve or love of this kit. Any skincare products formulated with natural ingredients and essentials oils proves to be a winner and my skin thanks me for it in return.



I had an overnight stay at London’s prestigious Langham Hotel the same week this product arrived so I took them with me to test it out. I can’t trust my skin won’t react to hotel toiletries so I always bring my own toiletries. I just find it annoying to transfer creams, lotions, shower gels into small containers for overnight stays, its ok for long visits abroad. I can’t just grab any commercial travel sized toiletries off the drugstore shelf as they are usually filled with artificial fragrances and other ingredients  that are not friendly to my sensitive and uber dry skin. Any slight change in weather or water hardness can cause my skin to flare up and dry out excessively so using the same products I use at home helps minimise or eliminate the cause.  It’s good to have something like this to travel with. No more messy jobs transferring creams and lotions into small bottles. To make up for not being able to use hotel toiletries, I end up bringing a few back home with me to decorate the bathroom. Shhh… Don’t tell anyone.



Conditioning Body Wash [ 75ml ]



A rich, skin-conditioning botanical cleanser for the entire body. A soap-free gel with a nourishing lather delivers all-over cleansing without over-drying.


Active Ingredients: Pro-Viatmin B5, Invigorating Tea Tree, Lemon, Eucalyptus and Rosemary andSandalwood essential oils, Lavender, Orange and Clary Sage


As I type this post, I’ve almost finished the Conditioning Body Wash. It’s my favourite out of the kit. Smells divine and refreshing. I used it almost everyday instead of saving it up for the travels. Oh well…I love that it’s soap-free, guaranteed not to dry or strip my skin out but it lathers up well [ with or without a sponge ] and does keep my skin moisturised and soft after each use. I find the aroma of lemon, tea tree, sandalwood and eucalyptus so refreshing ( in the morning ) and very relaxing after my evening wash. I can actually say I sleep better after showering with this. It reminds me a lot of the Aromatherapy Associates Bath & Shower oils- which my skin loved but it’s so expensive. This body wash can also be used in the bath under running water too. I haven’t tried this yet as I don’t have a bath but one thing is for sure, I might be picking up the full size bottle  [ £30.45 for 473ml ] of this and use for both home and traveling. Its still a bit pricey for a shower gel but its definitely cheaper than the AA bath oils. This travel size contains 75ml but it lasted me well over a week. A little goes a long way too. It’s a great discovery and I’m a fan.



Body Hydrating Cream [ 75ml ]



Advanced body cream helps tone and smooth all skin conditions, helps hydrate skin and lock in moisture.


Active Ingredients: Lactic Acid, Natural Hydroxy Acid Extracts from Sugar Cane and Apple


I didn’t get on well with the body lotion. This was purely due to the needs of my skin. I prefer heavier emollient creams and this one is on the lighter side unfortunately. It has a milky texture and although It’s hydrating at first, my body feels dry and rough after a few minutes, almost like I’ve applied nothing. It carries the same scent as the conditioning wash. I feel this will benefit those with normal to dry skin. Mine is much on the very dry side. I’m still hanging onto this as I think it would be perfect to use at night time. Sometimes my normal moisturiser can be a bit heavy when applied just before bedtime. I feel this would be great to throw in my handbag and use as hand cream on the go or keep on my desk at home for frequent touch ups when working.




Daily Cleansing Shampoo [ 50ml ] 



Nourishing, sulphate-free shampoo delivers healthy, shiny hair with every use.


Natural Ingredients: Coconut Oil, Grapefruit Oil, Avocado Oil, Sandalwood and Geranium Oil



Daily Conditioning Rinse [ 50ml ]



Moisture-rich conditioner restores softness and shine for vibrantly-heahlty hair.


Natural Ingredients: Grapefruit Oil, Avocado Oil, Sandalwood and Geranium Oil


These two are the only items I haven’t tried yet as I don’t usually wash my hair during trips. My weekly hair wash routine at home takes up to 4hrs and requires the use of oils and very heavy conditioners and hair masks and treatments. Who wants to spend up to 4 hours of holiday time washing their hair? Saying that, I always have a shampoo and conditioner ready on holiday for whenever I need to use them. I learned this lesson from a previous weekend trip after visiting the sauna. I wanted to wash my hair badly after but had no shampoo and conditioner to hand. The steam from the sauna dried out my hair even though I rinsed my hair with water. It still caused some breakage. Lesson learnt. Plus its always good idea to bring some hair products along on trips even if you don’t end up using them. I love that these two are packed with oils to cleanse, condition and hydrate your hair. I’ll give the shampoo a go this weekend but the conditioner will be reserved for emergencies purely due to its size. My afro hair likes more conditioner. I’ll update this post with any findings after use.



I think this kit is great not only for traveling but also a great way to try out products from a brand before committing to the full sized items. I’m really glad I’ve found a commercial body wash that doesn’t irritate my skin and cause eczema flare ups but actually does conditions my skin. I was very sceptical to use as I didn’t think Dermalogica fell into the natural brand category but you learn something new everyday. I don’t particularly like my medicated body wash [ smells awful but works ] so to have a product thats smells divine and works magic on the skin is a dream.



The Dermalogica Essentials Travel Kit retails for £30.80 and is exclusive to World Duty Free . #JETSETBEAUTY


** Thanks to Dufry for sponsoring this post. Item was sent in an exchange for a review. All opinions are my own.




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