Do I [ really ] Need Three Different Toners For My Autumn/Winter Skincare?


I asked myself this very question when I came home with my third bottle of face toner last month. I went into The Body Shop for a new bottle of my usual toner and was given a different one as a freebie. Who says no to a freebies? But did I really need to pick another toner to add to my collection? Of course whilst in the store, my brain was automatically programmed to forget that I also had another bottle of toner still sitting in its package at home. I thought to myself as I rearrange my skincare tray, trying to find a home for my new bottles. How ridiculous am I or how is it possible for one person with one [ small ] face to have to alternate between 3 different types of Face Toners? I know I have problematic skin but it doesn’t require such an amount of products to address the issues or does it?  Is Less is More or More is More? Let’s find out together as you read on about how I got on with experimenting with 3 different toners in my regime for the month of October.

*** Spoiler Alert: I discovered a new favourite. ***


The Body Shop Seaweed Oil-Balancing Toner | Oily & Combination Skin |  £7.50 | 250ml



Alcohol-free Toner to help rebalance and revive skin, clarify and cleanse impurities whilst targeting combination skin to purify and the refresh skin.

Active Ingredients: Seaweed, Algae and Cucumber Extract.


This has toner has been a staple in my routine for more than a year now. The first bottle I used was the original formula which was fantastic at exfoliating, smoothing and minimising my pores and removed any residue after cleansing. I was very disappointed when I discovered the formula and ingredients had been altered to a milder version [ pictured above ] even though I found it too drying after a month of use [ morning & evening ] and it made my skin produce excess oil but I loved that it instantly refined my pores, giving me a smooth and youthful looking skin. This new version is very much skin friendly, doesn’t irritate and still performs like the original, only a little less drying. I still get oily throughout the day. It does refresh the skin instantly, purifies the skin after cleanse and removes residue. I would also say it has some exfoliating properties but can be drying and produce more oil when used too often. This used to be the only toner I used for both morning and night but now that I have options, I tend to use this whenever I feel my skin needs something stronger. I use this for days when I want some oil-control to help with my makeup to last longer or when I only use Micellar Water as a cleanser at night so this can act as both second cleanser and toner.


Now that I have come to know my [ extremely ] oily skin gets dehydrated especially as temperatures starts to drop, I focus on adding more moisture based ingredients to my skincare instead of fighting oiliness and have therefore limit on using oil-control or drying ingredients especially at night. I need all the moisture I can get for a plump and hydrated skin for the next day. This toner is and still will be part of my routine but it has now lost its place as my go-to toner.





The Body Shop Vitamin E Hydrating Toner | All Skin Types | £7.50 | 250ml



A refreshing alcohol-free toner with protective Vitamin E and moisturising wheatgerm oil, to hydrate, remove traces of make-up and cleanser. Leaves skin refreshed, hydrated, plump and supple and helps maximise follow on products.

Active Ingredients: Vitamin E, Wheatgerm Oil and Soya Oil


I was taken aback with how well this toner performed from day one. It does what it says on the bottle exactly. It hydrates the skin very well and does a great job at removing leftover dirt from cleansers. My cotton rounds are always brown in colour after use. I love the slight floral scent, its nothing over-powering as I can’t stand strong scented toners. It’s slightly thicker and looks cloudy comparing to the seaweed version. After soaking a cotton round, I can feel the instant hydration as I apply this in sweeping motion over my face and then tap the rest into my skin. It absorbs easily, refreshes and softens the skin, making it plump and leaving it supple and brighter, ready for serums and moisturiser. My skin doesn’t feel dry or tight after use and this works so well with The Ordinary Hyaluronic Acid. It’s very gentle [ no irritation or breakouts ] and refreshes the skin. I can’t sing its praises enough and happy to have received this as a freebie because this is now my Holy Grail Toner. I tend to reach for this more than the others. It’s the best I’ve used from a drugstore or high-street brand. It’s value for money and works very well even with my oily skin. A staple for my winter skincare regime for sure.





The Ordinary Glycolic Acid 7% Toning Solution – ph 3.6 |  All Skin Types | £7.00   



An Alpha Hydroxyl acid with 7 % toning that offers mild exfoliation for improved skin radiance and visible clarity. Daily use  [ once ] will help brighten, tone and improves skin’s texture quickly.

Active Ingredients: Tasmanian Pepperberry helps reduce irritation, Ginseng Root helps with visible radiance and Aloe Vera to soothe.


I’ve used this toner just a handful of times to notice any difference in skin. First of all, this is reserved for night time use only as the acid can make your skin prone to sensitivity and therefore SPF must be worn when using this toner. Secondly, it irritates my skin every time. I get this slight tingling sensation, possibly from the ginseng root. I’m not sure but something tells me not to use too much of this. I use this approx once a week which I know is not enough to prove results. This is because I’m currently using the Lactic Acid 5% [ which I expected to irritate my skin a little but it didn’t ] as my chemical exfoliant and feel I don’t need to exfoliate too much in order not to dry out my skin. I bought this purely because of the hype around it and how it compares to the Pixi Glow Tonic. I loved that one [ review here] but it dried out my skin with daily use. I thought I could perhaps replace it as I’ve read The Ordinary’s version is milder and also because I love The Ordinary as a brand and majority of their products works very well with my skin with proven results. I need to give this toner a proper test but I don’t think my skin needs a second chemical exfoliant so I use this depending on my mood. I’ll continue to use weekly and introduce my skin to it slowly and will increase use once my skin gets used to it. I like that I have something quick and fuss-free to exfoliate when my skin needs a bit of a deep clean.




 So is less more or more is more?



I’ve come to know alternating between three toners can be beneficial to my skin and help solve some skin care issues. I like that on some days, my skin feels super dry or get really oily, I know I need to step up the hydration which helps and balances out my skin and reduces oil production throughout the day. Same with knowing when to use something to fight oil and exfoliate when skin feels clogged. There’s no such thing as less in more as we are currently spoilt for choice when it comes to affordable skincare and products. It doesn’t mean you should go and raid the shelves and create a concoction and apply them all at once. No, its about researching and trying out different products and figuring out what works best for your skin. By all means, stick to something that works for you but also pay attention to how it performs over time especially as the season changes and if you live in a bipolar country such as England with frequent weather changes- sometimes during the same day…LOL. I’ll suggest a similar regime to mine if you are fully aware of your skin care issues. Using different products can help you personalise your skincare routine to your needs as to when and how you require them.


More is definitely more for me in this case. 



What’s your Holy Grail Face Toner? Also, do you stick to one product or you like to experiment just like me? Leave a comment.



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