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ELOISE Beauty Mini Gold Tear Drop Brush


Every now and then, I see new and innovative makeup trends and products taking over the gram which makes me wonder, do I need it? Absolutely not yes! These tear drop brushes have been surfacing on the web for a while and you must have seen them too. You know those tutorials where artists drench themselves in gold liquid highlighters and then blend with some fancy looking luxurious brush? Eloise Beauty happens to be the amazing brand [ mostly ] behind this trend and they sent me one of their mini gold tear drop brushes couple of months ago and I want to share my thoughts on it with you.



The mini tear drop brush is from their Dome collection which retails for £29.99 which can be a little pricey for a face brush but the price is justifiable once you’ve tried it. The brush has a unique trademarked domed handle which fits the palm of your hand and gives maximum control and comfortability. It’s made with over 500,000 cashmere-like synthetic fibres which scream luxury to me. It’s cruelty free and vegan friendly. It’s very easy to clean with some shampoo but needs time to dry completely due to its density. It also comes with a small drawstring bag to keep clean when not in use. I keep mine in a glass jar for storage and use the handy drawstring bag for travelling and carrying around in my purse.



The mini brush can be used for both liquid products and powders, on both face and body and gives a quick, smooth and flawless blend and coverage. It took me a few practices to get use to holding the brush as it’s a little too small for my long fingers but I enjoyed using this brush for foundation applications. It comes in two beautiful colours; gold and rose-gold and they’re so Instagramable. I had so much fun shooting these and was obsessed with trying to a get a shot from every angle.
















Can you SPOT the difference? Brush VS Beauty Blender

Which side of my face was used with the brush?


Left = Tear Drop Brush || Right = Beauty Blender 



Would I recommend this brush? For me as an amateur, it’s not a brush I reach for everyday use but when I do use it, my foundation blends and looks better. I compared the brush with my beloved beauty blender and was stunned by the results as shown in the second picture above. It gave me a smooth, flawless and natural looking skin-like base, spread the product evenly with no streaks. It’s a nice brush to have in your collection if you’re a makeup enthusiast. I will also suggest to get the full size brush if you have larger hands or long fingers just for better control and comfort. The size was the only con for me.


Eloise have an amazing offer at the moment on their brushes. You get a free Sculpt and Define brush with any brush purchase. See link* below.


What do to you think of this brush and what’s your favourite tool for foundation application? Brush or Sponge?


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Item sent as a gift with no obligation to review product. Opinions are my own.



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