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Fenty Beauty Mattemoiselle Plush Matte Lipsticks Swatch and Review


The team at Fenty Beauty or should I say Rihanna herself did not give us a minute to drop all the monies we got from our grandparents this Christmas into our piggy banks. Before we could say thanks granny for the money, she went and released 14 brand new matte lipsticks cleverly named as MATTEmoiselle on boxing day. She didn’t come to play at all. Me being a super Fenty Beauty fan, I chose not to feed my piggy bank [ again ] and logged onto my Harvey Nichols account 10am sharp, ready to place my order. Out of the 14 shades, I had my eye on three that I deemed suitable for everyday wear. Some of the shades are way beyond my comfort zone but as we all know, Ms Fenty is not the one to shy away from out-of-this world colours. They are bold, bright and beautiful and the range covers shades to suit all skin tones.


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Front Row [ L-R ]: Spanked, Ma’Damn, Candy Venom, Midnight Wasabi, One of The Boys

Middle Row [ L-R ]: Freckle Fiesta, Saw-C, Shawty, Ya Dig?!

Back Row [ L-R ]: Griselda, Up To No Good, Clap Back, S1ngle, PMS



Here are the three shades I chose:


Fenty Mattemoiselle Lipsticks-PMS-candy-venom-madamn-dark-skin-yaalia


1. PMS [ Moody Brown ]: This was number one on my list and the first to go in my basket. I love this beautiful deep brown shade and chose this as my ‘wild card’ shade. I have nothing like it in my collection. It seems very appropriate for this season and can see myself wearing this all year round.


Fenty Mattemoiselle Lipsticks-PMS-dark-skin-yaalia Fenty Mattemoiselle Lipsticks-PMS-dark-skin-yaalia















2. Candy Venom [ Electric Pink ]: This is your neon bright pop of pink and reminds me so much of MAC’s Candy Yum Yum or the ‘Tats’ shade from their limited edition collar with Giambatista Valli. I received so many compliments on this shade at work. It will definately brighten up any face and makes a nice change to wear something different other red during the festive season. I also now have a lipstick can pair up wirth the super glitzty fenty gloss ‘ Plutonic Relationship’ from their galaxy collection. I wore this combo today for work and it was B.O.M.B.


Fenty Mattemoiselle Lipsticks-candy-venom-dark-skin-yaalia Fenty Mattemoiselle Lipsticks-candy-venom-dark-skin-yaalia













3. Ma’Damn [ Royal Red ]: This is your classic true red lipstick perfect for any skin tone. Think of this as the softer and creamier version of MAC’s Ruby Woo even though Ma’Damn was the most drying out of the three I swatched. It still applied with such ease and stayed put but without all that drying and flakey lips Ruby Woo gives after. I’m not shading RW, its still one of my fave reds out there. I did a side by side comparison in my swatch video below and both were very similar in colour. I’d recommended this over the Stunna Lip Paint [ review here ] if you’re not a fan of liquid lipsticks.


Fenty Mattemoiselle Lipsticks-madamn-dark-skin-yaaliafenty mattemoiselle lipsticks-madamn-dark-skin-yaalia












The tiny lippies are packed with pigment. You are met with an opaque colour from the first swipe. The formulas of these lipsticks are super soft and creamy after the first application. Due to the embossed FB logo, the first swipe may tug the lips a little but softens after. They are not completely matte which is great as it means you’ll still have lips at the end of the day. They are not too drying and gives off a satiny finish. It will transfer a little due to the texture but I rather have that than dry crusty lips. Some of the colours does leave a stain so I’ll suggest foundation or a small amount of lip balm underneath before application. This will help a little when it comes to taking it off at the end of the day.


They retail for £16/$18 each and come in a rose gold metallic slim bullet, same design as the lipsticks from their Galaxy Holiday Collection. Although they appear small in size, there is a good amount in each tube as demonstrated by Beauty News on YouTube, who sacrificed a beautiful shade called ‘clapback’ to show us how much product we get for our monies worth. Also, due to the round shape of the actual lipstick, It can be a little tricky trying to get a precise definition. A great tip or technique is to rotate the lipstick and use the edge to draw and define your lips. I love that no lipliner is needed with the colours I chose. Some of the nudes may seem wearable with the help of a lipliner.


You can watch the video for live swatches and more info:



Thank you for watching. Which one is your favourite?






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