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Glossier Full Face Makeup Haul and Phase Two Set Review – Oily/Dark Skin


I’ve been trialling and testing Glossier’s full makeup range for almost two weeks from their Perfecting Skin Tint as base and finishing off with a coat of their Lipgloss. I have discovered some new makeup faves and some I might never use again. Glossier Makeup was created with the girl who likes her makeup barely there in mind. All their products are effortless and fail proof, can be applied with ease ( no instructions needed ) and best of all, requires no makeup tools, well except a brush for powdering.  I was pleasantly surprised that I chose and wore Glossier over my Fenty products daily for almost two weeks. Let me tell you how the products faired on my dark and oily skin. But first, here’s the line up of all the products and the shades I picked up. I bought everything with my own cash with the exception of the Wowder Duo which was gifted to me as my first order didn’t arrive on time. Read the full story here in the Glossier Skincare Haul Post.


Back Row / L-R :  

Balm Dot ComCoconut | Generation G LipstickCrush | LipglossPink Tint | Perfecting Skin TintDeep | Haloscope [ highlighter ] – Topaz | Powder Brush



Front Row / L- R :

Cloud Paints [ blushers ] – Haze, Beam | Glossier You Frangrace ( sample ) | Boy BrowClear | Stretch ConcealerDeep | Wowder [ powder ] – Dark/Deep


Phase Two Set – £35 [ Generation G Lipstick, Stretch Concealer & Boy Brow ]. 



Review in order of my step-by-step makeup application.


I always start off with one of Balm DotCom lip balms either in Rose or Coconut to soften and keep my lips hydrated whilst I carry on with the rest of my makeup application. My lips will feel soft, plump which makes any lipstick application a smooth process.


The Perfecting Skin Tint – £20 | 30ml 



This is very sheer and light in texture like a tinted moisturiser. It gives you a toned, smooth and a dewy base/finish that also helps even outshine tone and smoothes the skin. Its very breathable and looks like skin once its settled. It doesn’t promise to minimise or blur pores, cover up dark marks or colour correct. It comes in 5 shades, not much to choose from and the lack of undertones really shows on my face when I use this. Sadly to say this looks very ashy on my dark ( I’d say medium to dark ) skin with yellow undertones. In terms of longevity, I get up to two of hours of wear before going in with powder to get rid of shine. I couldn’t wear this with any primer I own as the formulas didn’t mix well and balls up on the face.


Recommend: NO


The price tag is not worth the product [ shade ] and the durability [ oily skin ]. This is great for no makeup or running errands day or as a staying at home type of makeup. You are better off mixing your moisturiser with your fave foundation or better yet, buy The Ordinary £6 Serum foundation [ review here ]. This gives a little coverage and lasts longer. The shade range is diverse too.



The Stretch Concealer  – Deep | £15  or £35 as part of Phase Two Set | 5ml



This is not like your usual/traditional concealer which is heavy and drying at times. The stretch concealer is made to move and feel like skin. It’s very sheer but buildable and unlike the Skin Tint, this is pigmented. I love how this blends and feels under my eyes, hydrating thanks to its emollient texture. It’s made with micro waxes that moves with your face and doesn’t leave it cake-y. It blends very well by using fingers, doesn’t need warming up either.  It brightens and disappears into the skin, enhancing the area applied to. If your under eye area is oily, you won’t like this concealer. Lucky for my dry eyes, this works like a charm. Only flaw is, it does settle into my natural eye crease lines. A light powder on top helps but it doesn’t last long. This will not cover any heavy dark circles but I find this help with covering [ tiny ] blemishes and spot concealing. It comes in 5 shades and this time round, Deep is the perfect shade for me as a concealer. I’m not fond of the Instagram yellow under eye highlight so I like that this blends and looks like my own skin. I wish I could wear this all over my face as a foundation though.


Recommend: YES


This is love in a tiny jar. You only get 5ml but I feel this will last ages. I love this concealer for everyday / minimal use. Its just perfect.


Boy Brow | £14 or £35 as Phase Two Set | 3.12g


This is created to thicken, fill in and groom your eye brows with just a few sweeps with its teeny weeny brush. I bought the clear shade as I wasn’t sure how the darkest shade, Black would look on me. I hate my eye brows to look harsh and unnatural. This pomade/emollient formula helps keeps my sparse eyebrows in tip top condition. It doesn’t budget, harden or crunch my brows or go flakey on me. It’s very softening and conditioning but still keeps its hold throughout the day. After many times of blotting and powdering on top, it still holds. It comes in 4 shades. Anyone with fuller or thicker brows will appreciate this even more. I use my regular eye brow pencil to shape and fill in, then use clear boy brow to diffuse any harsh lines and even it tone down a little and perfect the shape. The pigmented ones can be use to fill and shape your brows at the same time.


Recommend: YES


No need for a pencil. Say hello to effortless brows everyday.



The Wowder Translucent Powder – £18 and Wowder Brush – £16 | Duo for £30

























First of all, I love the packaging and size of the Wowder making it travel and purse friendly. This is by far the best loose translucent powder I’ve used to date. It does everything I want a powder to do which is to set makeup, add colour where required and keeps face matte. I use this after the Skin Tint to diffuse the grey/ashy cast it left behind and let the powder bring some warmth into my face and also set the face. I use this to set Stretch Concelaer my under eye too, this doesn’t give off that yellow or brighting effect but leaves it natural and skin looking. I carry this in my purse for on the go touch ups and blotting. It doesn’t cake up on the skin as its finely milled and doesn’t even feel like powder. It does blur and minimise pores too. It comes in three shades, I picked Dark/Deep which is on the neutral side but leaves no grey cast. Hooraayyyy


Recommend: YES


I don’t leave the house without this.


The Wowder Brush is not a must have but I like it for travelling and carrying in the purse. Its the perfect size for any hand bag. It feels soft and its flat in shape compared to your usual fluffy powder brushes. This one is made for patting and pressing powder into your skin instead of buffing. I kinda like this as it means I can be precise with the application and really concentrate on the areas I need powder. Its a nice dinky brush.


Recommend: NO [ on its own; pricey ] | YES [ bought with wowder ]



The Cloud Paints  | £25 [ duo ] | £15 [ each ] – 10ml



These are blushers I’ll have you know. The cream-gel formula is fantastic and so easy to use by dabbing on top of your cheeks for a flush of colour. Its seamless, sheer, buildable [ do be careful not to get carried away ]. Beam is peachy coral undertone that barely shows up on my skin tone no matter how much I apply. It leaves a muddy brownish colour looking like I forgot to blend in my contour. Haze on the other cheek hand, its very pigmented with a deep plum/magenta base. Too much of this and I could audition as Pennywise’s sister. Thankfully, Cloud Paints are like watercolour paints so they can be mixed together to create your own unique shades and that’s what I’ve been doing with these two. Beam helps tone Haze down to Dusty Rose colour. I find these long wearing too and the only blushers doesn’t fade or disappear on my oily skin after 6hrs of wear. I’m planning on purchasing the other two colours; Puff and Dusk. 


Recommend: YES


They can also be used on the eyes and lips too. I sometimes use a little bit of Haze on my lips to give it a tint and then apply lipgloss on top.




The Haloscope Highlighter – Topaz | £18 – 5.5g



A dewy natural looking highlighter. Its dual formulated: the outer halo is infused with genuine crystals extracts for all day highlight and the solid core is infused with vitamin-rich moisturiser for a hydrated, dewy finish. Its not too drying, nor too glittery. Comes in three shades and I chose the darkest; Topaz. I really wanted to love this highlighter but it doesn’t work for me at all. The colour blends straight into my skin tone which in some case, is good as it appears natural but not for me. There’s no glow or dewy shine on my skin and the formula doesn’t sit will with my oil skin either. It just fades away. I learned a tip from TheAnnaEdit on the best way to apply this. Rub the stick on the finger tips and dab on the cheeks or area for a subtle and natural glow. This method works best as it means I can build on to my preference.


Recommend: NO


Colour payoff for me is Zero and fades away after 1hr of wear on my oily skin.



The Generation G Lipstick – Crush | £14 [each ] or £35 as part of Phase Two Set



A new kind of lip colour thats gives the look and finish of a just-blotted lipstick but without the blot. It’s very sheer but buildable, feels hydrating and soft on the lips and comes with six standard shades. I chose Crush – a raspberry-pink-fuchsia colour. It’s matte and diffused and looks different on everyone depending on their natural lip colour. I like my lipsticks pigmented and to pack a punch when it comes to colour. Although Gen G looks very pigment in pictures, it is basically a tinted lip balm. On me, this gives off a light tint on the lips no matter how many swipes I pile on. I’m left with a creamy lip stain or the look of my lipstick has faded off and needs to topping up.


Recommend: NO


I bet you can find tinted lip balms or lip tints in the drugstore for a much lower price. The colour range didn’t appeal much to me either and the payoff isn’t that great on darker skin tones. Only bought this as it was part of the Phase Two set. I don’t see myself buying more Generation G lipsticks.



The Lip Gloss | £11 | 4.2ml



Clear. Non-sticky. Glossy. Comfortable. Lightweight. Long-lasting. Moisturising.  Its a clear lipgloss with a pink tint, not much to say here.


Recommend: YES


Everyone needs a [ clear ] lipgloss in their stash.



Final Verdict

So these are my thoughts on Glossier’s full face makeup from a dark skinned girl. As mentioned earlier, there are some products that I’ll continue to use but overall, I personally don’t think the makeup range is for us darkies. The colours or the pigments don’t show too well on the skin, or doesn’t work for oily skin types. Also some of the products can be on the pricey side. Just my thoughts. What do you think? Are you a fan of Glossier makeup and if so, what are your favourites?



You may use my code [ link here ] for 10% off your first order. This gives me £10 store credit so I can buy more Glossier products to review for you 🙂



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