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Glossier have been in the UK for just 12days and has most of UK’s bloggers hyping and raving over their products. I first heard about this uber cool New York brand from The Anna Edit, who must be their biggest fan and now that I’ve tried a few of their products, I can fully understand and see what the hype is all about. Glossier was founded by Emily Weiss, the cool gal turned boss lady behind the glossy “Into The Gloss” blog. Glossier is all about the minimalist approach to both skincare and the no-makeup makeup look and I’m here for it, mainly because I have no clue and still struggle to blend my eyeshadows and contour properly but with Glossier, no one needs to know I’m a completely novice as I can still look my best with minimal effort. This is the whole ethos of the brand; well curated products to naturally enhance your features, in other words; your skin but better.



I caved in after scrolling and refreshing twitter several times on the day of launch and placed my very first order. The phase one set which contains; a cleanser, a moisturiser and a lip balm with a flavour of your choice. I also order the powder duo which comes with a brush. I managed to find a 20% off link which came in handy.  I thought these were all I needed to try from the brand but glossier convinced me I needed more with their out-of -this-world customer service. My first order took forever to arrive. I was sent an email explaining why there was a delay in shipping and was given a £5 store credit to make things a bit better. 5 days went on and still had not receive my parcel. I got a twitter message from Glossier saying they had refunded me my money and I can keep the products when they eventually arrive.

Say whaaatttt????

Of course, I hopped back on their website and made 3 more separate orders with my new free money before the first order arrived. I filled up my basket with everything from the collection covering the entire range of full face skincare and makeup with the exception of The 3 pack Super Serums [ these are similar to ones I’m currently using from The Ordinary so I skipped on these ], The Body Hero Duo [ shower gel and body moisturiser ], The Priming Moisturiser Rich and The Glossier Sweater.  In this post, I’ll cover the skincare products and makeup in the next post. Here’s what I picked up. I’ve tried the Phase One Kit for a few days and here’s wha i think of them.


Phase One Set Review [ 3 skincare products for £35 ]



The box contains The Milky Jelly Cleanser. This was the only product I was super excited to try and I’m glad it did not disappoint. I’ve been using this since Monday and it’s a delight to use every-time. The texture of this is a white creamy gel formula, which is very moisturising, softening and conditions your skin as you cleanse. It’s very mild and gentle, doesn’t strip the skin and leaves no tight feeling after wash. It doesn’t lather up and can be used on dry or damp skin. I’ve been using this as a second cleanser after removing makeup with micellar water and used as my morning cleanser in the shower. I love the rose floral scent, which is not offensive or overpowering. I wasn’t sure how my skin would react to Rosewater but so far it’s a winner. This one is on top of the recommendation list. Great cleanser and suitable for all skin types. Comes in a simple design plastic bottle with an easy to use pump, retails for £15 for 177ml on its own.




I was quite taken aback with how well the Priming Moisturiser worked on my skin. After reading mix reviews, I chose this over its rich version purely based on the texture. It reminds me a lot of my beloved Embryolisse a lighter version of the cult french brand I’d say. Both myself and my oily skin love it. Not sure of the scent but it doesn’t bother me. My skin absorbed this straightaway and was left with a matte finish after 20sec after application. This is a huge plus for me as there’s no need to wait for moisturiser and serums to sink in before carrying on with the rest of my skincare and makeup for better performance. Perfect for layering products under or top as my face still felt very light. This basic-but-not-so-basic moisturiser works like magic. I can understand why some said they found it not hydrating enough. It feels so light that you’d think you need to apply more but don’t be fooled, the skin feels nourished and hydrated underneath all that lightness. My face felt a little dry after two small dollops. After a close inspection of my skin, I could tell it felt smooth, plumped and soft to the touch, the same results I get from my usual moisturiser. This is will be in my summer staple for sure. It’s buildable and will work well as primer as it leaves a smooth base. It left my skin matte and I have noticed less oil production than usual with this moisturiser.  It retails for £18 on its own and comes in a 50ml plastic tube.  Highly recommend for those with oily skin. It’s magic.




Who knew I could fall in love and become obsessed with a mere lip balm? Again, I’ve come to know and understand the hype behind the cult Balm DotCom lip salves. Comes in six flavours [ Original, Birthday (cake), Coconut, Cherry, Rose and Mint ]. All comes in clear except rose [pink tint] and cherry [red tint]. I was torn between Coconut and Cherry. I went with Coconut which smells tropical and heavenly. The gorgeous scent reminds me of my favourite red velvet cupcake by Lola’s. This lip balm is the best I’ve used. I’m a big fan of lipsticks and coats my lips in heavy coats of vaseline every night before bedtime to repair the damage MAC’s driest lipstick Ruby Woo may have caused. I’ll need to exfoliate every morning for a smooth lipstick application and I haven’t scrubbed or exfoliated my lips since Monday and every night since using Balm Dot Com. I wake up to a hydrated, plumped and softer lips and with no dry, chapped or flakes in sight. It’s petroleum based so its thick and goes on matte with a little sheen only noticeable if you apply more than usual. Its not sticky or taste funny but comfortable to wear on its own and light enough to be worn under lipsticks and lip glosses and still offers hydration. My lips have never felt softer or plumper by just applying a lip balm. I love it so much I ordered a second tube in Rose which smells lovely too. These balms can be used on cuticles, elbows, eyebrows even applied as blush ( rose and cherry ). I’ve decided I need all of them. A must, must-have. They retail for £10 for a 15ml tube or, 3 pack for £25. The only con is how tiny they are in real life from a price perspective but they look cute too. ah well….



Other Skincare Products I Bought:



I picked up their Rosewater Soothing Face Mist for £18 which comes in 118ml spray bottle. My skincare routine includes no facial mist and only use the Evian spray in summer months. This is a refreshing spray that can be use to refresh the skin at any time. It’s smells very floral and the pump distributes a fine mist. The reviews on this product were also mixed but majority complained on the same issue, which was, this stings in the eyes and irritated the skin. I’m going to take caution and use this a toner and spritz this on a cotton wool instead. I will use this in place of my usual toner so i’ll report back with full details on how I got on with this.

Update: I did use this as toner and found it not strong enough to remove excess cleanser and hydrate the skin, so I tried using this to give my Hyaluronic Acid a boost and this combo works like a dream.



I’m almost out of sunscreen so I also picked their Invisible Shield Daily Sunscreen which a chemical sunscreen. I’m not new to chemical sunscreens and prefer these to the traditional thick and heavy ones. They go on clear and absorbs straight into skin and can be used as moisturiser or primer or worn on top of your usual one. This comes with factor 30 and offers both UVB+UVA protection. I find this expensive for 30ml in size with a price tag of £26. The reason I picked this is my current one makes me oily and makeup doesn’t last long no matter how good my primer is. I hope this fills that void and then we will be onto a winner. This is very light in texture and dries down to a matte and soft finish. Leaves no visible marks or streaks and looks invisible on skin, great for us dark skin tones. It has a fresh orange scent to it. I’m intrigued on how long this bottle will last me.



I bought the duo mask which contains the Mega Greens Galaxy Pack, a detoxifying face mask, made with kaolin clay base and rich vitamins. A juice cleanse for your face. The Moisturising Moon Mask is exactly what is says on the tub. A soothing face mask formulated with honey, aloe and plant-based scalene to plump skin with moisture and restore elasticity. Liquorice Root and lemon Extracts gently brightens the skin. The can be used on its own or after using the mega greens to add some moisture back into the skin. I’ve haven’t opened these yet but very excited to try these and see how they work. They can be bought separately for £18 per 90ml tub or the pack for £30. I tired these two this morning and found them average. It was ok but didn’t give me a wow factor. I like them but I feel I’ve tried better ones.



I’ll report back with an in depth review after a month of use with all the products mentioned here. So far, I like what I’ve tried and will continue to use them. They haven’t cause any irritation or breakouts but its too early to give a final verdict. Glossier products are very simple just like their packaging, they don’t promise any life/skin changing results with their products but just introducing you to a simple skincare and makeup routine with a minimalistic and one size fits all skin types approach. I wish glossier existed in my teens, it would have done my skin some good. Also, every order is packed nicely and come with a small, medium or large pink bubble wrap pouch [ handy for travelling or as handbag organiser ]  along with some stickers and sample of milky jelly cleanser. They are currently giving a sample of their forth coming fragrance, Glossier You with each order until release sometime next week. It smells very clean and fresh.


I made a review and demo video on all the products mentioned in this post below. Thank you for watching.



If you’re interested in Glossier and looking to try their products, use my 10% off link for your first purchase. This gives me store credit which means I can buy more Glossier products to review for you. Thanks for your support.


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    Glossier Full Face Makeup Haul Phase Two Set Oily Dark Skin
    3rd November 2017 at 11:02

    […] I’ve been trialling and testing Glossier’s full makeup range for almost two weeks from their Perfecting Skin Tint as base and finishing off with a coat of their Lipgloss. I have discovered some new makeup faves and some I might never use again. Glossier Makeup was created with the girl who likes her makeup barely there in mind. All their products are effortless and fail proof, can be applied with ease ( no instructions needed ) and best of all, requires no makeup tools, well except a brush for powdering.  I was pleasantly surprised that I chose and wore Glossier over my Fenty products daily for almost two weeks. Let me tell you how the products faired on my dark and oily skin. But first, here’s the line up of all the products and the shades I picked up. I bought everything with my own cash with the exception of the Wowder Duo which was gifted to me as my first order didn’t arrive on time. Read the full story here in the Glossier Skincare Haul Post. […]

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    24th October 2017 at 04:01

    Hi Amy, you definitely should give their products a go and their customer service is on point too for a new brand. I like everything so far. There’s a 10% off link if you need it. Happy shopping XO

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    22nd October 2017 at 20:00

    Wow you got lucky getting so many products! I cannot wait to try some of their products now they ship to the Uk! Especially the milky cleanser! So excited to place an order! Love xo

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