Travel Diary: Innsbruck, Austria 2017


The City of Innsbruck captured through my Lens.



Innsbruck is the capital city of Tirol [ Tyrol in English ] in western Austria. A City in the Alps famously known for its winter sports. I often get asked if I went skiing every time I go back to Innsbruck for a family visit. No, I don’t ski although it looks super fun. I tried it during a school trip, fell over and waved goodbye to skiing and other snow related sports for good except; throwing snowballs. That was always fun until that also resulted in injury. Snow is dangerous people



Pretty Sights, colourful buildings and plenty mountain views



Apart from the snow, Innsbruck is a very colourful city, boasting with colourful houses all over the city but popular along  Mariahilferstrasse near the Inn Valley Bridge. This string of colourful houses on the street is a very popular tourist attraction and can often be seen on postcards. You’ll also find other main tourist attraction in Innsbruck such as: The Golden Roof, a few yards walk from the bridge. This attraction is located in the main city centre where you’ll find all the shops, coffee shops, restaurants [ even their McDonalds is housed in a fancy building ], great architecture with intricate designs [ not just on the roof ] in Altstadt [ Old Town ] and pretty balconies. If your into rococo style buildings, there’s plenty. There are also seasonal attractions like giant easter eggs dotted all over the place with different designs. I have a video on my phone of some builders climbing up a department store to decorate the roof with giant Lindt gold easter bunnies. Austrians don’t take their christian holidays lightly and celebrate each occasion in style.




The one thing you can’t miss in Innsbruck for sure are the Mountains. I love how you can walk out of your house and be met with beautiful mountain views. It doesn’t get old for me and I find myself constantly snapping pictures of the NordKette Mountains [ North Chain – range of mountains] that surrounds the city from every angle possible.




Swap those fancy shoes for some hiking boots and head to the mountains.



My visit this time round was super fun and different as my brother took us hiking on  the mountains on the first day. The weather was super gorgeous  [ t-shirt friendly ] so we took of to the mountains for a 3 hour hike but turned out to be a 5 hour hike. Something I’ve never done before. I mean, I am your typical city girl and even joked I’d be wearing heels for hiking.. .could you imagine. I totally enjoyed hiking and something I’d do more often whenever I go back to Innsbruck; as long as the weather is good. Breathing in all that fresh, crisp air was good for my health and skin, plus a great way to work out and stretch those legs.


We started off by taking a short bus ride from the city centre  to Hungerburg, [ bottom of the mountain ] and followed the trail to Arzler Alm, where we planned for pit stop for some lunch and refreshments. We got there about 45min later as we took the shorter route. I had to reward myself with my favourite Austrian drink: Almdudler. It was so well deserved especially as  I had managed to climb 360 metres above sea level. Well done me. Small achievements like these always needs to be celebrated.


On our way back down, we took the wrong trail and got lost several times but we hadn’t realised was that, we took the longer route with the astonishing and breathtaking scenic views of the city of Innsbruck and the other surrounding towns. Blessing in disguise I’d say. Wish I could say the same about my little legs as they were hurting the next day. I’m still glad I went hiking though.  It was a great way to spend a Friday afternoon.






I’ve been to Innsbruck several time but this was the best visit by far.

What to do you think of this city? Would you visit?

Tell Me.



Verse of The Day;-

11 If the Spirit of him who raised Jesus from the dead dwells in you, he who raised Christ Jesus from the dead will also give life to your mortal bodies through his Spirit who dwells in you.

– Romans 8:11 [ ESV ]  English Standard Version


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