Life Is A Beach – A Guide on spending a Day at the Beach


The beautiful weather here has me dreaming and wishing I could be sitting somewhere with plenty of sun, sand and sea and being a total beach bum all day and not feeling guilty about a thing. Whilst in Tel Aviv, I made every effort to visit the beach more often and spend some quality time  getting lost in a book, listening to the sound of cheers and laughter as grown ups and children have a jolly good time, listening to the calming waves of the sea whilst I took a nap, eating, drinking, eat again, took a dip in the sea to cool down,  got some vitamin D whilst sipping on vitamin C aka orange juice and even watched the sun set.



It was pure bliss I tell ya and a day very well spent.


Here’s a detailed list what I packed, wore and did when I spent a full day at the beach. Hopefully this inspires you for your next beach holiday or a day trip to the beach. Enjoy


The Beach Outfit and Bathing Suit



Dress: Primark | Sandals: H&M | Straw Bag: Primark | Hat: Primark | Sunglasses: Quay Australia


I already spoke about this outfit in my What I Wore in Tel Aviv post. I chose a tiered drop waist dress, two sizes up so there was plenty of room for my oversized bow bikini top and denim shorts underneath so it doesn’t bulge out. This dress is very easy to change in and out of without exposing too much as some beaches do not have changing rooms so bear in mind what you decide to wear to and from the beach. The simpler , the better.





You may recognise this bathing suit from this post many moons ago. It is my favourite and I try to wear every summer since I got it. It was from Forever Unique on Very and they never restocked them. It’s such a shame as a lot of you were interested. I even sent the brand an email but I never heard back from them. It was a little pricey but totally worth and holds it quality even after many wears and washes. The colour is simply stunning and looks fabulous on any skin tone. Let me know in the comments if you’d be interested on a bikini/bathing suit post. I’ll try and find similar styles and recommend a few and also share my favourite ones with you.



I never visit the beach without hat and you shouldn’t either although it might cover up your pretty braided hair style and give you a line across your forehead but it helps to wear one. Not only does it keep you in shade and offer protection from the harsh sun rays but also protects your hair from frying drying especially if you already have dry hair. I have learned from past experiences. I went OTT with this large brim floppy hat from Primark for just £4. It looks very chic and stylish and would also look fabulous with many summer outfits.


The Beach Essentials



Even if you plan on spending just an hour at the beach, don’t just pack your swimsuit and sunglasses. You’ll need more than just that.  You should not skip these essentials in your beautiful beach bag. If you’re stuck on choice, I got this white straw with multi-coloured tassels for £9 from Primark again. I tell you, Primark is the best place for beach holiday shopping. You’d be spoilt for choice there. I also picked up a new beach towel whilst I was there too.


10 Things I always carry in my Beach Bag.



  1. Clear Sun Spray – Factor 30 : This is much easier to use and guaranteed not to look the Casper the ghost. He may be friendly but there’s nothing cute about walking on the beach with a white mask. Spare the kids with your halloween look…LOL . Don’t forget sunscreen for your lips too.

2. Flip Flops – I aways pack some  [cheap] flip flops in my bag for the sand. Easy to rinse off and no sand on my pretty sandals either.

3. Book: This a great time to delve into a new book and totally get lost in it. I loved reading Chimamanda’s Americanah

4. Sunglasses: Well, lets say i’ll cancel this beach trip if I didn’t have my sunnies with me. A little dramatic but you get the gist.

5. Face Mist: I discovered this some years ago and it has become one of my holiday  faves. I bought two mini bottles of the Evian Facial Mist and they served me well. They are small enough to carry in any handbag and I always had one with me for a quick cool down. Just spritz all over face and body when its gets too hot and you’ll feel instantly cool and refreshed. It’s a great at fixing makeup too.

6. Water and Plenty of Snacks : You will get hungry and It’s annoying losing your shaded spot when you need to head to the shops for supplies. Plus they are always double the price so bring a mini pack lunch if you can. It’s even better if you can make a picnic out of it.

7. Small Towel: I always take a hand towel with me to dry off and also use as a pillow. I forgot to bring one this time round and made the mistake of using the beach town to dry off and was covered in sand again even though I shook the towel vigorously before use.

8. Plastic Bags: This is to carry all the wet stuff. Very important.

9. Cosmetics Bag: I always carry a few toiletries such as deodorant and moisturiser to use and freshen up after. This depends on what’s been planned after. If I’m heading back to the hotel, then there’s no need but perhaps going for lunch nearby, I certainly do not want to be looking crusty or smell funny under all that heat. A small bottle of hair conditioner is great too to add some moisture to your tresses.

10. Wet Wipes or Hand Sanitiser: I don’t travel without either of  these so I always have one with me to keep hands clean and germs free especially before eating when I have no access to soap and water.



Eat Up, Drink Up



Yes do indulge. Anythings goes at this point. Seriously, what’s the point of going to the beach and not diving into all those tasty and delicious smelling treats you are surrounded by. I picked up a tasty omelette sandwich from one of the Cafes nearby as I planned on having brunch at the beach. I also ordered some freshly squeezed orange juice to keep myself hydrated and get all the vitamins one can get in a day. I find drinking water bland although I’m getting better at it but a tasty and healthy drink is much easier to sip on. I treated myself to some tasty ice cream [ bubblegum and vanilla ] when I decided to get out of the sun for a bit and watch the rest of the world go by.



There’s always something fun happening on at the beach so I’ll suggest to take some time and research what activities will be on during the time you plan to visit. You could be in for some live music, barbecues, sailing, volley ball and some other sports and outdoor activities. I planned on being a beach bum and came to relax and thats exactly what I did and still had fun. I visited the beach by myself on one days and it was still blissful and enjoyed that alone time although I wasn’t alone if you know what I mean.



Beach Location: Tel Aviv, Israel – Gordon Beach


I am already planning my next beach trip before summer ends. I might visit of one UK’s beaches if I don’t go abroad. I’ll love to know what your  beach day involves.


Hope you find this post helpful in some way. Have fun out there and enjoy what we have left of summer because it’s not going to stick around. Well, for some of us anyway.



Verse of The Day:-

13I can do all things through him who strengthens me.

– Phillipians 4:13 ESV [ English Standard Version ]

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