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Put Your Best Foot Forward with Charlotte Olympia Kitty Embroidered Flats and Loafers


These iconic Charlotte Olympia Kitty flats have been on my waiting list since they were released about 4/5 years ago. I loved the quirky cat embroidered design and the pointed toe from the first designs. It has since changed into an almond toe shape, with variations on the embroidery design, made in all colours of the rainbow, different heel sizes, different materials [ suede or velvet ] and collaborations with other names in the industry. The two featured in this post were found on – an designer outlet shopping site. I frequently browse through their sale items and stumbled these couple of weeks ago.









I fell in love with the royal blue pair first. Loved how bright and sharp it looks. I imagined myself wearing this with jeans, a basic tee and a blazer or with tights and dress. They are sure to brighten up any outfit. It’s a very bright and punchy and most people will shy away from wearing something bright on their feet but thats not me. I do love my bright shoes and I’m sure I won’t run out of idea s on how or what to wear with this beautiful pair of flats. made with suede with gold embroidery details on the round toe. this pair is exclusive to theoutnet and all sizes available at the time of writing this post.



I was madly in love with my new shoes until I saw the red one with a mid heel back in stock with only left in my size. I added it to my cart quickly before I could even think or decide whether I needed two kitty flats from the same brand. this one gives me retro vibes and have the prefect outfit in my for it and can’t wait to show you soon. I like how it looks mature and elegant at the same time with the mid heel. the gold piping around the heel and edge adds more glam to this already beautiful pair and shade of red shoes.




Will I be Keeping Both Pair?








The red pair are my favourite although they’re the most expensive pair. I get more excited about them than the blue and feel I’ll get more wear out of the reds. I like the mid heel which is great either worn with casual or smart outfits. Plus I love love red so this a no brainer. I wish I could keep both pairs but my account is already screaming at me.





Which one would you pick? Team Blue or Team Red? Heel or No Heels? Comment below!




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