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Happy Feet: 25 Red Sandals For Summer 2017

Red Sandals Summer Shoes 2017 espadrilles wooden clogs sliders


I love adding a pop of colour to any of my outfits to brighten things up and also bring some cheerful element to the look especially, if I happen to wear colour on my feet. It’s like Christmas!! I do tend to wear bright colours all year round but if you’re shy to attempt this, then summer is the perfect season and excuse for you to incorporate some bright, beautiful and bold colours into your outfit. Start with your accessories and  [may I suggest ] the colour red as its easier to wear in my opinion. Red can be worn with either neutral or dark colour palettes or even if you dare, pluck up the courage and wear with other bright colours. It goes with almost everything. My Tip: The brighter the better. .. 😀 😀 . This post was inspired by my search for some fun red shoes to wear on holiday and I fell in love with not one, not two either but 25 pairs!! Of course, my budget could not stretch that far so I opted for 3 instead and have provided links images of the other 22 pairs just for you to choose from. If these doesn’t tickle your fancy and leave you spoilt for choice, I don’t know what would. Bring your wallet as its time for some shopping 🙂





I mean how cute are these pair? It comes in Black too but the red is much better in my opinion. You would love the price point too. I picked these up from H&M [ current season ] and knew they had to be worn on my feet. I adore those bows ribbons on the bands and these are so comfy to wear and walk-in, although, I would recommend to go up a size for uber comfort. My feet tend to slide back a little when walking. They come with cushioned insoles making this a delight to have on ones feet. These are the only sliders I’ve bought for this season and I don’t think I need other pair [ the lies ]. I’ve worn this to everywhere and anywhere, on the beach, to take the bin out, pop out for milk, worn around the apartment etc. It’s so easy to wear and just er ‘slide on’ and goes with anything from super cute summer sun dresses to beachwear and jeans.  It will also spruce up any classic / basic outfit effortlessly. They are a must-have and shouldn’t be slept on. These are my absolute fave and my most worn summer shoes yet.

  Red Sandals Summer Shoes 2017 H&M Bow Sliders


Red Bow Sliders | H&M: £12.99 


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Red Sandals Summer Shoes 2017 Topshop Valentine Wooden Clogs


These were purely influenced by one of my favourite YouTubers [ Lily Pebbles ] and not my usual style of shoes but I once tracked the last pair in my size down [ sent the boyfriend around town ] and tried them on, they became another winner for me. The wooden heels are super lightweight and doesn’t make any loud clunky noise when walking in them. The sweetheart shape is super sweet too and the gold studs along the edge brings some ‘grown up’ element to it. I loved how Lily wore hers with a floaty summer top and some skinny jeans and a light sun dress too.  I tend to wear mine with skinny ankle grazers and a white T-shirt. Basic but tough, thanks to the gold studs. When researching similar styles, I realised this style is now a summer trend, influenced or inspired by Gucci and looks like its here to stay if even though these styles have been around for some time.



Wooden Clogs: TopShop | £46


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Red Sandals Summer Shoes 2017 Espadrilles Wedges Asos


Wedges are the most comfortable type of “high heels” I’m happy to wear all day. Guaranteed a pain-free experience. They are great for those of us who don’t like to compromise on the height but still want comfort and look uber stylish with elongated legs. Yes Please!! I chose these over the usual pumps as I wanted my feet to relax and breathe and not feel squashed in the hot weather. The thick wedge gives good balance and provide stability even if you’re a high heel newbie. This will look great with skinny jeans for daytime wear and can also be worn with dresses for dinner and casual outings. You won’t be needing the extra flats in your handbag so you can leave them at home. I love the different twist this espadrilles brings. I’m referring to the gold studs on the strap. they do need some time doing them up but I think its gorgeous and work well together.



 Red and Gold Studs Espadrilles | Truffle Collection [ ASOS ] | £28 – currently sold out 🙁


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I told you you’d be spoilt for choice.  Let me know which ones are your favourite in the comment box below.

Happy Shopping 🙂



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– Romans 4:7 ESV [ English Standard Version ]

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