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Buying Designer Jewellery Online has never been easier | SACET Jewellery Free Home Trial




I can still picture the younger me, sneaking into my mum’s wardrobe to rummage through her wooden jewellery box to play dress up. Some times things ended up in tears after I had been caught and other times, I’ll leave with a parting gift. A hand-me-down to say the least but I was always more than happy with my new found jewellery. It made feel all grown up. Fast forward to an adult me and I still turn to my mum to help me find and buy jewellery pieces due to my skin reacting to metal nickel mostly found in some less expensive jewellery. This is why mum comes in as mum’s always knows best….and she used to source pieces to sell in her boutique back home in Ghana many moons ago.



SACET contacted me** last month about their jewellery and I thought the idea and concept behind the brand is fantastic. They offer a FREE HOME TRIAL where you can pick three designs /pieces from their website. You are then sent samples of what you ordered,  try them on at home for 5 days, order the items that you like and return the items for free [ you don’t pay for shipping ].


VOILA!!..It’s so simple.


I like this hassle-free buying experience very much as I find buying jewellery as frustrating as looking for the perfect Jeans. You are bound to find one that you like but guaranteed to be met with dilemmas such as the fit, the cut, the rinse or even the price are all wrong. I jumped at the idea that I can order jewellery pieces I’m interested in, try them on at home or even wear them to work for a whole 5 days, see how they fit into my personal style; which is simple, elegant and colourful before ordering and committing to any pieces that I liked.  It doesn’t get better than this and I’m sure mum will even approve of this and she won’t roll her eyes at me for wasting money on jewellery I shouldn’t be buying.



I was sent a beautiful box with three simple and yet elegant pieces and literally squeaked when I opened the beautiful eco-friendly packaging and shared the footage on my Insta stories. I immediately tried on the ring, posted a couple of pictures and the comments and compliments kept flooding in soon after.


Ornate Square Melachite Ring



I knew the Ornate Square Melachite Ring was a winner for me. A large malachite (10mm) with an 18K Rose Gold or Gold Vermeil on sterling silver. There’s also a Sterling Silver version too. I love the simple and minimal design of this ring and how it still catches attention. It can be stack on with other simple pieces or worn on its own for an elegant and glamorous  feel. This is my favourite piece and I have no doubt I’ll be spending my gift voucher from SACET on this gorgeous piece. My only dilemma is, I’m torn between Gold or the Silver. I’m gonna have to mum to help with me out with this big decision…LOL.



Stone Details:  Malachite is a copper carbonate hydroxide mineral, often results from the weathering of copper ores. The mineral was given this name due to its resemblance to the leaves of the mallow plant.



Ornate Geometric Tassel Bracelet 



In the box, I also received a statement bracelet featuring a geometric cluster at its centre, also made of malachite ( 9mm x 5mm), ammethyst ( 8mm x 4mm) and citrine ( 4mm ) stones. The chain is accented with set rhodolite garnet, whilst the clasp is finished with an oversized tassel detail. I’m not too crazy about the tassels so If I was to order this, I will request for one without the tassel or ask for removable tassel or remove it myself if that option is not available. It looks easy enough to remove and re-attach if that’s the case.


Stone Details: Malachite: same as above [ see note ring ], Citrine is a a transparent, yellow variety of Quartz, ranging in colour from pale to golden yellow, honey or almost brown, and may contain rainbow or sparkle inclusions.

Rhodolite is a kind of hybrid of a mixture between Pyrope and Almandite a type of Garnet stone This stone colours ranges from ruby-red to purple and purplish red.



Ornate Geometric Stud Earrings



I was also sent a matching pair of stud earrings to complement the bracelet and the ring. I live for stud earrings. I also love the mixture of colours and gems, making this wearable for casual [ if you please ] or for a glitzy get together. This will look uber stylish with a basic white tee and Demin or a simple black dress. It looks and feels very luxurious and sophisticated, even just looking at it. It feels very light too which is great. I’m not a fan of stud earrings that feels heavy on the earlobe. This is the only piece I didn’t actually wear for hygienic reasons if though the samples are thoroughly and professionally cleaned with an ultrasonic cleaning technique before they’re shipped out. It is made with the same materials as the bracelet and comes in Silver, Rose Gold and Gold.



All of their designs are made of the finest quality and ethically sourced materials such as 100% recycled silver, ethically polished diamonds and gemstones. They are hand finished and custom made in an artisan workshop to reduce our carbon footprint and every product is hallmarked in the UK for your piece of mind.



SACET did not ask me to bombard you all this much information. After accepting to collaborate with them, I took my time to research the brand and simply fell in love with their ethos. They support their designers and crafts people and I love that buying beautiful jewellery from this brand provides fair pay which empowers their crafts people and the communities they live in.



If you are intrigued after reading this post, visit SACET’s website to view their entire collection and for tons of information on the brand.


** Item gifted in an exchange for a review. All opinion are my own **


Outfit Details:


T-shirt – Yaa.Lia [ shop here via Teespring ] | Jeans – River Island Mom Jeans [ old ] | Heels – ZARA [ current season ] | Fishnet Tights – ASOS



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– Psalms 94:18-19 [ ESV ]

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