Spring Cleaning with Method Home Cleaning Products and Review


What do you do when your new found favourite household cleaning products company sends you a love-box filled with a variety of their fruit scented and non-toxic chemical cleaning products? Since I’m a huge fan Method Cleaning Products** and already using products from their limited edition Pomegranate line, I shrieked with excitement when I opened the box to find the bottles all wrapped up in different coloured tissue papers. I immediately planned a spring cleaning session in my mind so I can put these products to a good use and share my views with you.



The Love-box came with the following products: L-R; the Almond Wood Polish [ Brown bottle ], the Apple Orchard Stainless Steel Cleaner [ silver bottle ], the Lemon & Mint Washing Up Liquid [ yellow bottle ], the French Lavender Multi-Purpose Surface Cleaner [ purple bottle ], the Eucalyptus Mint Bathroom Cleaner [ blue bottle ] and the French Lavender Hand Wash  [ purple bottle, bottom row ]. I had the Clementine Washing Up Liquid [ orange bottle ], Limited Edition Botanical Garden [ middle bottle, bottom row ] and Pomegranate Hand Wash Liquid Soap [ pink bottle, bottom row] already stocked up so decided them include in this post.



After unravelling the tissue papers, I was thrilled to find the colours [ purple, blue, pink, orange and lime green ] of the products matched some of my kitchen utensils, including  the different coloured tea bags stored in a glass jar and also some fashion accessories and home decor  dotted around the apartment which made the photoshoot session  more fun and the products easy to photograph as they blended in with my colourful space nicely. Oh the things that amuse me .



Don’t you smell lovely……



Not only do the Method cleaning products smell lovely but their packaging design is very simple, sleek and makes any worktop look super stylish too. The packaging is also made form recycled materials and are biodegradable . The colourful product is what drew my attention first and foremost which screams fun to me. As you can tell by my style,  I’m a fan of all things colourful and love experimenting with colours. I had no idea that Method had been around for over 15 years and launched in the UK in 2005 [ yikes…where have I been?] and I only discovered them some time last year through social media.  I  saw a bottle sitting near the kitchen sink of a popular Youtuber’s video. They didn’t make mention of the product in that particular video but it was the colourful bottle that  caught my eye and attention and I went on a hunt in search for the product. I didn’t have to look far as I found out Method products were stocked in some larger Tesco stores, John Lewis and Dunelm Mill stores. I’m pretty sure they are stocked everywhere now that they become a bit more well known. It was relief to know they were in the same price range as the other household cleaning brands. Prices range from £2 – £5.99.



The whole concept of the brand is ‘People against dirt, committed to making the planet and our homes a cleaner space by making non-toxic cleaning products from naturally derived plants. They are also responsible for sourcing ingredients, using cutting edge green chemistry to recycle and use recyclable packaging and also curating products that are not tested on animals. I find the whole concept and history of the brand very interesting and have spent some time on their website educating myself on the brand and their products which has made me even fall more in love with them. I love the idea of using products that smells lovely, fruity and filled with non-toxic chemicals that leaves my kitchen, bathroom and the whole  place smelling fresh like a beautiful spring day.


Here’s a short review of each product in detail, which ones are my favourite and how I use them.



“Orange is The New Black” – CLEMENTINE Washing-Up Liquid



This was the very first product I tried from the brand. I love the fresh citrus scent when using this to do the dishes. This is very tough on grease and grime, only need one pump and it lather ups quite well too. I find this a little drying on my skin so I always use one of their hand wash after washing to soften and hydrate my hands after washing. Love how this bottle matches the orange accents in my apartment. I wouldn’t recommend you to wash your precious pearls with this


“When Life Gives You Lemons”- LEMON & MINT Washing-Up Liquid



This is my new favourite washing up liquid amongst the three. It smells divine and heavenly too, lemony with a hint of mint. I love that these products don’t smell soapy at all and are quite refreshing and gentle on the nose. This one became my favourite quickly as its delivers the toughness on grease and grime from the Clementine but is  also super soft and gentle on the skin like the pomegranate version. These come in a 532 ml triangular shaped bottles with a pump with a flat top which you even use your elbow to dispense if you have dirty fingers and don’t want to touch the pump itself. One pump goes a long way so these bottles lasts me ages before I need to replace them.





The Pink Grapefruit Multi-Surface Cleaner is used everywhere in my flat. I’ve had this for more than a year and have only managed to get half way through the bottle. This is the reason why I’m giving the french lavender one away. I only need just a spritz on any surface and I can wave bye-bye to dirt, grime and cooking spills and splashes on the tiles, worktops and the cooker too. It has a sharp citrus burst at first and then comes the lovely pink grapefruit floral scent through. I feel I need to make a mess more often so I can get to use this. I love spritzing this in this kitchen sink after washing up and tidying. I just love coming back to super shiny sink area and also I can be guaranteed this will take care and get rid off any fishy smells and not musk the smell. It’s my second favourite product after the washing up liquids.


The pomegranate washing up liquid and the hand wash are both lovely in smell and texture. The washing-up liquid is not as tough on grease as I would like it to be. I’ll probably say this is best used for washing only lightly soiled dishes like glasses and mugs. I tend to use more product when washing plates on anything with heavy grease and this does require more scrubbing. The smell is beyond gorgeous and the formula is very dry skin friendly. The hand wash is a delight to use too and leaves the bathroom smelling lovely after every pump. Reminds me of my Jo Malone Pomegranate Noir perfume every time.



“Something New, Something Blue” – EUCALYPTUS MINT BATHROOM CLEANER



Formulated with plant-based PowerGreen technology, this bathroom cleaner is set to cut the amount of time spent cleaning the bathroom. My super tiny shower room is one of my favourite places in my apartment but I hate cleaning it due to the intricate and custom design of how this ensuite bathroom was created. Its one of those showers you have to jump inside to clean as you’ll end up soaking wet whether you clean from the outside or inside so I sometimes spend half of my shower time cleaning it. How annoying!  This product has been fantastic in solving my showering/cleaning woes. All I do is spray the entire shower cubicle with this stuff and leave it for a few minutes, its doesn’t leave stains on the wall as it rinses of easily, I then jump in the shower whenever I’m ready for a wash and rinse the product of the walls and tiles with just water. No scrubbing necessary unless I really want to. This is great and means more time singing and  day dreaming in the shower instead of cleaning and breathing in harmful products. Not only does it leave a fresh scent behind, eucalyptus can be quite heady for some but I love the scent and how quick and effective it is at removing soap scum and limescale leaving my shower and glass doors,  bath skins, fixtures and tiles looking super shiny with less elbow grease involve.






These are the only two products I haven’t used yet as I’m planning on gifting these to a friend. I currently have one full bottle of hand wash waiting to be used and half bottle of pink grapefruit multi-surface to get through, since these products last absolute ages, It would a complete waste hanging onto this many products and I’m more than happy to pass these on and the share the Method love. Of course, I gave these two a quick sniff before parceling them up. These scent of these two are very soothing and calming, something lavenders are well known for. I don’t think these two will fall short of their counterparts and I believe will perform the same, the only difference being the fresh lavender scent.


The hand wash is paraben free and as mention previously, the gel texture of these are super soft and lathers up really well. Doesn’t leave hands feeling tight or dry after.


The multi-surface cleaner can be used on household materials such as worktops, tiles, stone, wood and glass. Spritz and wipe away any dirt you want to get rid off. I can just imagine this leaving traces of lavender scent lingering around all day. I love the deep hue of this and how it adds a pop of colour and brightens up the place. The person I’m gifting this to is obsessed with the colour purple, although this may seen as an usual item to gift, I’m pretty sure this will delight them before and after trying them out. I’m that confident.



“Sweet Almond of Mine”- ALMOND WOOD POLISH



I’ll be totally honest with you, this is one cleaning product that you’d never find on my shopping list so I was really happy to receive this wood polisher in the love-box. I don’t have any expensive oak furniture in my apartment but I still believe my IKEA flatpack furniture needs a little loving too. The smell of this took me back a little. Well, it’s a wood polisher so it doesn’t have the lovely light or airy and floral scent that the other products have but it does the job of polishing and leaving a when beautiful sheen after polishing. It’s very heady and smells strong so I’ll advise the space should be well ventilated for those with sensitive noses but it’s much better than just using water in the past in my opinion. It leaves a beautiful sheen and you might not need your mirror as the funny quote [ mirror, mirror on the wall, my wood’s so shiny I don’t need you at all. ] on the bottle suggests. My wooden doors and the “&” wooden sign shown in the picture have been loving this polish and so have my laminated IKEA shelves and coffee table. They deserve a little luxury and pamper session too.  It can be used on cabinets, laminated furnitures and anything made out of wood except, wait for it, your wooden floor. There’s a product for that too. This product is a little thicker and requires a good shake before spritzing onto the surface, wipe with a soft cloth and then buffing the surface with a dry cloth for a glowing sheen.


“Take a walk through my Botinical Garden” – LIMITED EDITION BOTANICAL GARDEN HAND WASH



I bought this to replace my pomegranate hand wash which by the way is taking forever to run out. I picked this up at Tesco and chose this as I wanted to try something new but they had limited stock in the scents so I thought why not go with this one. This is a naturally derived hand wash with a very fresh outdoorsy scent. It reminds me of one my hair products but I can’t remember which one to make reference to. The packaging of this bottle is cute too with little green monkeys printed which happens to match my Joseph Joseph chopping board and knife. I’m thinking of leaving this bottle in the kitchen to use after washing up. I’m a human dish washer and I find washing with my hands quite therapeutic and also that’s the time I use to plan ahead and create happy thoughts. This hand wash would be lovely to soften up my hands after scrubbing away all the grease from the pots and pans.


“There’s always a Silver Lining” – APPLE ORCHARD STAINLESS STEEL CLEANER



For a stainless steel cleaner, this product smells absolutely gorgeous and blew me away. I used this to polish my chrome bathroom radiator. Not only did it leave it glistening like new but the smell is very lovely and didn’t make feel like I was breathing in harmful chemicals at all. I would have never thought of using something like this to polish off my silver. No, I’m not referring to crockery but you know, anything that has a shiny surface an it’s loosing its shine or is all covered in finger prints and smudges. Great to use on fridges, cookers and sinks.


There’s a wide range of products available from the Method brand for all your home cleaning needs and you definitely don’t need every single one of them as are multi-purpose. I really didn’t think I’d be making a switch from using one of the nations favourite cleansing brand to an eco-friendly one but here we are, doing my bit for the planet.  They’re very easy to use, straight from the bottle to your kitchen top with simple instruction on where and what materials these products can be used on. My favourite scents are the Pomegranate hand wash and the washing up liquid, they smell beautiful, textures feel soft and very gentle on the skin but tough on grease and cleanses quite well, leaving a fruity but not overpowering floral scent after. I’m planning on picking up their floor cleaner next time I’m at the store. I just love cleaning with these products as they actually make you forget you’re cleaning because of the lovely fresh fruit smells.



May bank holiday is fast approaching and here’s how I plan on spending mine. First; compile a cleaning playlist, open up some windows [ they stay shut most of the time unless cooking or in extreme hot weather situations], blast up some music [ sorry neighbours ] and give my entire fashion boudoir aka my apartment aka my warehouse [as my mum refers to it] the spring clean effect. I’ll probably start off with the lemon and mint washing up liquid [ new favourite ] to wash all the tea cups used in the process of curating this post and the photos to go with it.

Have you heard of Method or tried any of their products? Which one is your favourite?


**  Items were sent to me in an exchange for a review by Method  **


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