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Summer Wedding Outfit Inspiration #1: ASOS Salon Embellished Smock Dress


Do you have a wedding (s) to attend this summer and looking for some wedding guest outfit inspirations? Of course you are! Well, I might be able to help you this time. I find the whole shopping process a bit tiring as I’m often faced with the problem of trying very hard not to upstage the bride ( massively frowned upon ) and also the dilemma of not making a good effort to your look your best and still play it safe and still slay. Its total hard work just thinking of it.



ASOS is always the first place I look for outfit inspirations. There are many high street brands [ Coast, Whistles, Ted Baker ] who do wedding outfits available on their site. All that is required are about two-three hours to browse through their immense catalogue. -Don’t forget the many cups of coffee and granola bars. You’ll need some motivation to stay awake and power through this mission.







Don’t worry if you don’t have such time to set aside for dress shopping. I’ve done all the hard work for you and will let you in on how I look and find my wedding guest outfits in no time. I discovered the ASOS salon label a year ago when I spotted this dress similar to the one featured in this post. ASOS SALON is a premium brand so its pricey so bear that in mind. The label is full of pretty dresses that will surely turn heads and even start a few conversations with you but mostly about you. You’r bound to see people blatantly whispering to each other about your gorgeous dress as you walk by. There are dresses to suit all types of shapes, for any occasions and will surely bring out your inner princess. I particularly love the floral prints on the satin fabrics; perfect for any summer occasion. My favourites are their tulle dresses with embellished beads, floral appliqués on sheer dresses, structured bow designs and other beautiful dresses with intricate details. I chose this Embellished Smock Dress  to a wedding in Tel Aviv last month and knew it would be the perfect dress for the occasion and it surely was.



The dress was easy to wear and required no other accessories as the embellished beads were more than enough on their own. The beads weighed the dress down a bit but was very fun to wear. I thought sitting down would be a problem as the beads will either break or fall off or poke me as I sat down but it was the totally fine. The only annoying thing was the coral camisole/under slip that it came with. I loved the bright colour and made the dress stand out and add some fun element to it to [ check me out twirling below ]. I much prefer the playsuit from the pink version I wore in Budapest. It didn’t ride up and I didn’t have to worry about underwear being on display but the camisole dress was a nightmare to deal with. It rode up and stayed up which meant I had to pull it down every time I stood up and made sure I was covered when I sat down too. It bothered me the whole night and wished I had swapped it for a different slip dress. In some ways, I guess its a good thing as you can wear whatever colour you please underneath, giving the dress a facelift and making the most of the price per wear.



As you can see from the pictures, my accessories were all very neutral but its up to you, you can take it all the way and get blinded up. It’s a party after all. The actual colour of the tulle bodice and skirt are a very muted green shade but its called ‘soft grey’ by ASOS. Prior to ordering, I thought i’d match it up with silver accessories but it didn’t look good in real life as there are no grey or silver tones except the beading. Also, as much fun as it was to wear the dress, it was a pain to photograph and edit. If you want to be the spotlight and snap pictures left and right, make sure you do it in the shade or you’ll end up with lens flares and glares. aside form these minor things, its a beautiful dress, perfect for any occasions.


Click to shop my dress and some other favourites from the collection:  



Now there’s another dress I’m eyeing up over on the H&M website for the next wedding so check back next week to see which one I picked up. ASOS salon dressed don’t stick around for long so if you’re interested, you need to be quick. I wrote a mini guide on how to shop sold out items at ASOS [ post here ] so check that post too for tips and tricks of the trade.


As always, I enjoy reading your thoughts and comments so feel free to note them down in the box below. I’d also like to know where you shop for your wedding guest outfits?



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