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The best £10 I’ve Ever Spent | Joseph Joseph ‘Dot’ – Water Bottle with Hydration Counting Lid


When I bought this water bottle, I didn’t have in mind at the time that I’ll be reviewing this product here on my fashion blog. Two weeks in and this bottle has proved to be the best £10 I’ve spent in a while. I know what you’re thinking, yes £10 for a water bottle is a bit much especially when you can find them for less to nothing. Well, this is one is a little different and special, a bit gimmicky too if I might add but and here’s why I love it.



Meet the Joseph Joseph Dot Water Bottle with Hydration Counting Lid. It’s designed to help keep track on your hydration levels or your daily water intake with every refill. Here’s how its works: after every re-fill, a new dot appears when you screw the lid back on. Each dot represents 400ml or 600ml [ depending on the size of your bottle ], helping you keep track on your water intake goals.  4 dots with the 600ml bottle represents 2.4litres of water. A little bit above your daily recommend intake of 2 litres. Isn’t this a genius and motivated way to drink more water?


Yes I told you it’s a bit gimmicky and you definitely don’t need a dot on a water bottle to help you count or keep track of how much water you’ve drunk throughout the day. But for someone like me,  who can go a whole week without drinking a single glass of water [makes it up for it with lots of Tea ], this is brilliant. With this bottle, I managed to drink  1.2litres of water [ two dots ] the other day. Something I’ve never done before. I was pretty impressed with myself. This gimmicky stuff works for me because the motivation here is I need to drink up so I can move up to the next dot on my next refill. I even have colleagues asking me how many dots I have on the bottle so this encourages  me even more to refill that bottle.  I do understand if you drink water regularly, this will make no difference to you at all but as mentioned before, to me this is a game changer.



I took this bottle with me on my recent trip abroad. That’s to tell you how much I love it. It goes with me everywhere. On the plane, at work and even at home. I even took it with me on our 3 hour hike up in the mountains when we visited Austria last week. I’m currently stuck on 2 dots for now but it will be amazing to get 4 dots in some day but I know I’m not far from that goal. Two dots means I now drink a minimum of 1.2litres of water everyday . I actually want to drink water all the time these days. Before, I had to force myself or remind myself to take a sip every now and then. This in itself is a big achievement for me already.


I also want to point out that this post is not sponsored in any shape or form at all by  the Joseph Joseph brand. I bought this bottle with my own money and I just want to share my experience with you in case you struggle to drink more water too. I saw this bottle advertised online and since I’m a big of Joseph Joseph and their modern, innovative, clever and colourful designs of kitchenware, I knew I had to give this a go as I totally love the concept and I’m so glad I did as  me and this bottle are BFF’s now. It has helped changed my bad habit of not drinking any water as a result of it has also improved my health. Let me tell you, my skin looks so much better and clearer these days!


The Dot Water Bottle retails for £10.00 for 600ml or £9.00 for 400ml size


Apart from the Dot technology, its a great sturdy BPA free and leak proof bottle and looks attractive too so its all good, just not keen on the side effect of drinking more water –  the frequent bathroom visits.


Le Sigh….


Would you buy this water bottle? What do you think of the concept?



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