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OOTD: ZARA Vintage Inspired Navy Blazer Dress



Ever walked into a shop or walk past the window display, seen something you like and immediately think to yourself, ‘ you are coming home with me’. That was my exact thought and reaction when I saw this stripe shirt and the navy blazer dress whilst walking past ZARA.


Who doesn’t love stripes?



I love the easy-casual-vibe-easy-to-throw-on and not forgetting how simple it looks but still has an effortless and super stylish vibe to it. perfect for easy spring and summer days.



I spotted the blazer on my way out of the store and it reminded me of this men’s version [ also double breasted ]which is my favourite too. I knew I had to take this blazer with me home even though a little voice kept telling me I don’t need.

Yes. I. do.



What attracted me was the length of the blazer hence the name Blazer Dress. I love how its almost a hybrid between a jacket and a coat. It can also be worn on its own- I’m thinking worn with Knee High or Thigh High Boots or with some super killer heels and fishnet tights for the brave ones amongst us. I also love the vintage inspired gold and pearl buttons too which helps cinch in your waist and gives a very feminine silhouette. How adorable are they? The ruched cropped sleeves plays a major factor for me too. I love anything with an exaggerated volume.  A few more buttons added and a  structured sleeves would have probably resulted in lawsuit filled by Balmain  for copyrights infringement but nonetheless, I love ZARA’s interpretation of this blazer. The price point is not bad too.


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I remember spotting this red frilly number from Alexandra Rich and thinking how awesome would it be to own a jacket like this. I don’t know the price for this one [ I dare not ask ] but I can guarantee its way outta my budget but good old ZARA came through for those of us living the champagne lifestyle on a lemonade budget.

Cheers. klink, klink .



I bought this blazer with the excitement that this is very special and different to every blazer that I already own but I was more excited to learn this is on the trend forecast for spring-summer 2017.  Love it when I’m trendy without een knowing it. speaking of trends, me and this blazer are going to be BFF’s for many years to come.




Outfit Details:



Silk Scarf: KENZOxHM

Stripe Dress: ZARA [ current season ]

Red Small Box Bag: ZARA

Navy Blazer Dress : ZARA [ current season ] love this one and this too

Shoes: Vivienne Westwood x Anglomania [ old ]



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What to do you make of my outfit and are you a fan of the Blazer Dress? If not, why not?



Verse of The Day:-

17 Iron sharpens iron, and one man sharpens another.

– Proverbs 27:17 ESV


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