Ten items that should never be connected to a power strip

 So now I am prepared for what you are about to say. When compared to other home appliances, the refrigerator does not require the most power. In our minds, it must be beneficial as it doesn't drain the power grid too much.

It has no issues being connected to an extension cable. No way! Remember that a refrigerator is just a source of constant electrical current going to the wall outlet. The takeaway here is that you need an extension cable to power this kind of gadget. Next, I'll get into refrigerators, although this is relevant to freezers as well.

Number three: the washer

The annual energy consumption of a washing machine is around 1,150 kWh. Consequently, it is not a good choice for a power strip as it consumes a lot of electricity.

To prevent the extension cable from overheating or short circuiting, plug the washing machine into an electrical outlet. The case is also true for clothes dryers. Their power consumption is excessive for them to be left plugged into a power strip.

4. Non-mainstream heating

Please be sure to connect it into an electrical outlet when using it; nevertheless, I am not suggesting that you do not. You should never use it with an extension cable; doing so will cause the power strip to overflow extremely fast.

5. Microwave

Never assume that this small metal box is energy efficient. On a yearly basis, a microwave may use around 70 kWh. It isn't insignificant, you know. So, don't use an extension cord to connect it.


Sixthly, the brewer

A coffee maker, on the surface, may not seem like it uses much power. With an estimated annual use of 165 kWh, it is actually fairly power-hungry. Connect it to an electrical outlet.

7. The grill's color

Toasting bread first thing in the morning uses 500 to 1000 W annually! That is quite a bit for a little gadget, I agree. The point of this is that you shouldn't put it into a power strip.

8. An further expansion

Is there a large number of electrical equipment in your household? As a result, you'll need a network of interconnected extension cables. That was a terrible choice! In a short amount of time, you can use up all the power from the power strip.

Many home fires are started by this kind of careless behavior!

9. A television, a computer, and an internet box

Consequently, there is less power consumption by the internet box, the computer, and the television. However, any electrical issue (overvoltage, etc.) might cause these devices to malfunction.

Therefore, unless you have a surge protector, you should not connect them to a power strip.

In summary Now you know better than to connect any electrical item into a power strip.

Fires are unlikely, which is great news, but it's always best to be safe than sorry! Because there is a real danger of overheating