When you squeeze a lemon, don't throw away the seeds; they have many other uses.


Following the methods outlined here will allow you to successfully grow a lemon plant from seed. If you follow these guidelines, you should have no trouble sprouting a new lemon plant. The process is straightforward. Here's how we can accomplish it.

The seeds must be prepared beforehand.  The lemon pulp may be easily removed by rinsing them with water; just make sure the water is at normal temperature and not hot. Once they're clean, pat them dry, and then use tweezers to peel off the skin surrounding them.

Getting started is as easy as peeling the seed; all you need is a tiny container, such as a yogurt pot.  Place some wet wadding inside the jar and then pour the seed on top of it. A little stem will emerge after a few days, indicating that the plant is starting to sprout.

Transfer the plant to a bigger container once its stem has grown a few centimeters and roots have established themselves. Spread out the dirt and plant it in a bigger container. Make sure to store it in a warm spot with a temperature of 19 to 25°C. Additionally, indirect sunshine is required.

Be patient and let the seedling develop; it will take a very long time. Make sure the soil is consistently wet by watering the plant regularly.  Even without the fruit, the plant will be stunning; experts estimate it will take around five years before you see any signs of a lemon sprouting.